"Frog Powell", Baby Brudda, and other randoms.

Morning time with my best buddy.

Ryan feels the need to take Baby "Brudda" everywhere he goes. ( meaning to drag the ultrasound pictures of baby "brudda" all over the house )

"I wuv you baby brudda", "baby brudda watch daniel tiger with Ryan?" … "Otay" "Come on baby brudda"
HA. Conversation I recorded this morning. ^^  He kills me.

If he is like this with an ultrasound picture, I pretty excited to see how he handles the real thing HA.
Gosh I cannot wait to give him a best friend.

My sweet sweet beautiful babies! ^^

Just because I love putting together little toddler meals.
Seriously, if only they made adult plates with all the little compartments like this.
Parmesan crusted Tilapia, brown rice, carrots, applesauce and strawberries.

Say hello to "Frog Powell". ^^
Discovered by Ryan... in our garage.

"Mamma!!!! I found a frog!"
You should have seen my face when I came out of the house and saw that he was basically "petting a frog".
( I'm thinking something is wrong with the frog because poor thing didn't move when Ryan touched it )
We have since then learned not to "touch" the frog, just to look. HA

Named by Ryan.
 It was all I could do to hold back crying ( because I was laughing so hard ) when he told me he wanted to name the frog "Frog Powell"  (( Pretty clever name if I say so myself ))

Fed by Ryan and loved by ONLY Ryan.
( I'm wishing he would leave our garage but Ryan is so faithful to make sure frog Powell comes back in the mornings! )

"Eat the chip, Frog Powell!"
I heard Ryan yelling that phrase and came out of the house to Ryan feeding the frog a chip.
Awesome. ( no wonder the frog doesn't leave child )

Not sure if Frog Powell likes Popcorn chips but he's been given quite a few.

Work is crazy and keeps my husband really really really busy ( crazy lawyer stuff! ) but occasionally he will surprise us and come home during his lunch break and spend 15 minutes with us eating lunch.
It's the happiest ( and fastest ) 15 minutes of our day.
Ryan hates watching him leave back to work again! It's so sad!

Can't stop. Won't stop.
Daddy bowl, mommy bowl, baby bowl.
Aaron and Ry are clearly having to embrace my captain crunch craving each night with me :)

Brushin, and brushin, and brushin.
When you see toes like this, you know Ryan is attempting to "spit" out the toothpaste ( which usually ends up all over the bathroom counter top - he doesn't have great aim yet HA )

Took Ry mini golfing.
He was in heaven.
I can't believe they had a club his size! Everything is cuter when is "miniature".

My work out motivator.
Aaron taught him how to do a push up on these things and pretty soon he will be able to do more push ups than me HA.

Ryan and his great grandpa. I love that he gets to have a relationship with his great - grandpa.

My kind of "adopted niece" (( not my niece by blood but I call her my niece anyways ))
EMMA came and stayed with us for 4 days.
Ryan's face ^^ says it all. 
He was in heaven having a little playmate to run around with.

My in-laws have this darling bunk room for their future grandkids.
( however, because Aaron is an only child it's basically for Ryan and "our future children" :) HA
(( I'm really hoping we can fill it up with kids one day - I love babies! ))

Emma is like a granddaughter to my in-laws so she gets her own bed.
It was the cutest thing watching how happy these babies were to have their "own room"!

Anyway, Most random put together group of pictures, but hey!

People are so sweet to be emailing me and checking up because of the Houston flooding, etc!
We are safe and totally ok!
The storm was insane last night and we cuddled up watching the firework show of lightning out the window :)
I was pretty scared, haha I'm not going to lie, it was so crazy!
My VERY FIRST crazy intense tropical storm.
( and I thought Houston thunder storms were intense…. )
Aaron wasn't too phased by it ( just kept checking weather. com on his phone because our TV's were obviously out! ) and Ryan somehow slept through it all HA.

Just so grateful our friends and family here are safe!
Hope all you Houstonians are doing okay!
and hopefully you all had the most wonderful Memorial Day!
Thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve our sweet Country!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. so scary about the storm! ryan and emma are precious together. and i am currently on a captain crunch kick too....but I can't blame it on pregnancy cravings. hahaha

  2. How cute that Ryan is so excited about baby brother!!!

  3. The push ups picture is pretty precious; I love how he wants to imitate daddy. My little niece can do more push ups than me. It happens. haha

  4. That is so precious he keeps talking about his "Brudda!" I am sure you are going to just melt when you see him actually interact with the new baby!

  5. So glad you are ok my friend - and I love all these pics!! x

  6. It's so cute that he's already so in love with his little brother! It'll make things a lot easier when the new little one arrives, I'm sure. That story about Frog Powell is so funny! Two-year-olds are so cute (and weird ha!)

    Sierra Elizabeth