My favorite snacking protein bars

Snacking is one of my biggest weaknesses! Especially as a mom and being home a lot of the day -- every day!
It's so hard to resist the temptation of snacking all day!
I crave sweet things, salty things and all the above.

Protein bars have become one of my very favorite "go-to" for snacks for a few reasons.
#1. They fill me up.
#2. They are Protein packed and give me energy
#3. Make it so easy for an "on the go" snack!
#4. They are SO yummy.

^^ ( chipped nails ;)
**PS. This is not sponsored, all my opinions! :)

I have tried different brands of bars and seen which ones I definitely don't like and ones I like :)
Here are my 3 favorite bars that I switch off between and always try and have on hand for when the snacking gets me hard!

#1. These birthday cake "Oh Yeah" bars are my very very favorite! ^^ ( 22 g of protein )
I have to give all credit to my good friend Chelsea for finding this certain brand and flavor of protein bar - it has changed my life!
I am obsessed with all things cake batter and sprinkles. ( That is my happy place! )
We tried a couple brands before finding THESE Oh yeah bars and I have never gone back!

I get them off Amazon HERE - the best deal to buy them!
They are the perfect "sweet snack satisfier".
I have also ordered the combo pack of 12 flavors and loved every flavor of these "Oh Yeah" bars!
You can't go wrong!

#2. Costcos protein bars ^^ ( 21 grams of protein )
If you have ever eaten Quest bars ( I do love quest bars - especially the cookies and cream flavor! ) they are SO similar BUT half the price!
Definitely the cheapest high packed protein bar you will find! The cookie dough is my favorite flavor ^^
You can buy them online HERE or in stores at Costco.

#3. These Salted Carmel Think Thin bars ^^
These aren't quite as high in protein ( 10 grams protein ) as the other two up top but I do love the taste of them!

Beware of SUGAR content when it comes to bars. I try and stay away from bars that are over 10 grams of sugar.

I also want to clarify and say that I don't replace meals with these bars. 
I am a pretty strong believer that it's a lot better for your body to get it's source of protein from actual FOOD.
Just because some of these bars have 20 grams+ of protein doesn't mean you get a free pass from eating actual protein packed healthy food.

And the last thing I wanted to reiterate is that I'm not sponsored to say any of this,
this is truly all my own opinion :)
Happy Monday Friends!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I'm a new mama & a huge "birthday cake" fan so I'm excited to try these out! Sometimes it's difficult to not just reach for unhealthy snacks throughout the day - thanks for the ideas!

  2. I just ordered some birthday cake bars--I'm just getting into my second trimester, and I need more protein in my diet but I still have the nausea so a bar is sometimes the only option in the middle of the day, thanks for the recommendation! I'm def trying Costco's as well!