Oahu Hiking

One of Aaron and I's favorite things to do in tropical places ( or anywhere, really ) is to go hiking.
Our kiddos were troopers on these two hikes we did while we were in Oahu!
Kids obviously limit certain hikes you CAN do but we made it all work!
Aaron backpacked Ryan ( the BEST backpack carrier ever! I will link it at the bottom! ) and I carried Luke in our awesome Walmart carrier ( not the most comfortable carrier ever but we made it - haha! )

We chose to hike Manoa Falls Trail and Diamond Head.
Manoa Falls Trail is absolutely STUNNING - I would totally recommend it for a true Hawaiian experience!
You literally hike through the rainforest and the greenery and views are absolutely breathtaking!

The hike is only about 2 miles - round trip - but it's uphill a lot of the way to the waterfall so it takes quite a while to get up to the top!
Ryan actually walked a majority of this hike and loved it! It gets pretty slippery and steep a few places but for the most part is pretty kid friendly!

Unfortunately I have NO pictures of the waterfall - SAD, SAD DAY!
We got completely poured on for most of the hike and I could not have pulled out my camera in the conditions we were in without it getting completely ruined! HA!

Although, I did feel like Tarzan for a split second. ^^ If you look closely you can tell it's pouring rain!
I would suggest to bring towels for the car ride home... It was a slightly cold car ride as we had no towels to dry off!

We also hiked Diamond Head. ^^
Diamond head was super challenging and SO MANY STAIRS! ( especially with carrying the babes - so Aaron and I loved it for the challenge! )
And of course, the view from the top is always worth seeing..

JUST beautiful!! ^^
( Ryan couldn't have done Diamond head on his own. Definitely take little kids if you have a way of carrying them up :)
But I would totally recommend this hike as well!

Our hotel ^^ -- Notice the wooden "rockers" out front along the porch ^^ Cutest!

All the hiking called for a really good cookie ^^

A pretty cool surfboard wall behind us and nights with my favorite! ^^

Post Details:

Aaron's : Green Polo Tee // Grey Shorts

Backpack Carrier : Backpack Carrier ( So worth the money spent! We have had this since Ryan was little and the kids love it and it's super comfortable! We take it everywhere we travel! )

Karina Marie Powell

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