Paradise. ( Grand Wailea -- MAUI )

After a beautiful 4 days in Oahu we headed to MAUI.
Can I just tangent for a minute and say that this is one of my favorite ages ever ^^ Luke will be ONE in a couple weeks ( currently planning his first birthday party and it's killing me how fast this year has gone! ) and I'm holding onto every bit of this phase where they start to say little words, they are entertained by everything and anything, and they are just the sweetest little things!

We stayed at the Grand Wailea. ^^
I can't explain in words how much I love this place!
Definitely one of my favorite places on earth!
The pictures speak for themselves.. It's SO majestic and beautiful!
( Also side note that traveling with a cheap umbrella stroller is the way to go! Makes it so easy to get in and out of places etc! ^^ )

This ^^ is the view from eating breakfast...
I dream about this view ( and the unlimited amounts of Hawaiian pineapple ) on the daily!

Hotel leis they give you when you get there ^^ -- the best!

I think everyone agrees that the slides are the best part of the resort!

You start at the top of the pools and it takes you about 30 minutes to get down to the "bottom pools" going down slides and through lazy rivers!
( There are also 2 bigger waterslides separate from this and a water elevator! ) -- KID heaven!

And adult heaven ^^ even my cute in-laws love it!
We kept going again, and again, and again! The boys couldn't get enough!

Two peas in a pod... ^^
Not sure how I felt about them crawling all over the hotel lobby.... But they were happy HA!

Prettiest walk to the pools / beach ever! ^^

My father-in-law was down deep in the sand with these two for 10 days straight!

Luke couldn't get enough of the beach.
Ryan was always a little unsure about the sand when he was Luke's age, but Luke on the other hand...
we would be sitting on the beach and a random lady would tell me that my baby was eating handfuls of sand haha! ( this happened a few times! )
I kept thinking he would learn his lesson and decide he didn't want to eat more... But apparently he didn't mind the taste! haha!

"Ezma put your hands in the air!" ^^ Name the movie!


I love them so... ^^

Dinner at Humuhumunukunukuapua'a ^^ on the resort property.

Watching the sunset from our table... ^^  Hawaiian sunsets are so dreamy!

Lappert's ice cream - Every night ^^ Some of the best ice cream!
( we stayed in Maui 5 nights and only missed one night of ice cream because we went to a Luau - vacation treat nights are the best! ) 
Every morning while in the workout room I would tell myself ( and Aaron ) "this is for the waffle cone and ice cream I will consume today!" HA! But seriously.
It made it so worth it!

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Happy Wednesday Friends! XO

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  1. Your trip looked absolutely amazing - loved following along on Instagram. Beautiful family & a beautiful place!!!