Pineapple Dole Whip Withdrawals

ALOHA Oahu!!
After 9 hours of flight time we made it to Hawaii!
Boy were we happy to get off that plane! Luke had HAD it by the end! Those poor people around us! -- BLESS THEM!
We had woken up at 4:45 AM Texas time and arrived in Hawaii around 8 PM Texas time which was only 2 PM Hawaii time HA! If that makes any sense at all!
It seriously felt like the longest day EVER.

However, we did get to layover in Salt Lake City ( which felt so weird and so close to my family but yet so far! ) and I got my fill of Cafe Rio! Whoever decided to put that place in the SLC Airport deserves a hug!

We went to dinner, walked along the beach at sunset ^^ and did all we could to keep ourselves awake until 8 PM Hawaii time and then crashed!

The 5 hour time difference took the kids a few days to get the groove of, but for the most part they did great and we tried to keep somewhat of a nap schedule for Luke so that really helped!

Our first full day in Oahu we headed to the Dole plantation ^^
Ryan was in heaven "getting lost" in the pineapple maze.
They have a fun scavenger hunt for kids through the maze so Ryan literally led / got us lost for a couple hours haha!

At every "landmark" you find, you get to color in a different stencil throughout the maze. ^^
We had one happy little camper.

Luke was a little champ in the carrier. ^^
Sad story, we forgot our Baby Bjorn at home... So as soon as we got to Hawaii we headed to Walmart; not wanting to buy another pricey carrier we bought an 18 dollar cheap carrier and it actually worked out! Of course, it wasn't near as comfortable for us to wear as our nice carrier but it saved us for the time being! We hiked with this thing and pretty much wore it the whole trip!

I am embarrassed that I didn't get a picture of the best part of the dole plantation - The DOLE WHIP!

We were so ready for dole whip that we all completely downed our ice cream. I had the pineapple float ^^ which was halfway eaten and melted before I remembered to take a picture - I promise it looked a lot prettier and more appetizing before this shot!  ( ice cream with fresh pineapple juice - OH MY GOSH! )
Seriously, best ice cream EVER.

We had some tired boys when we got back to the hotel... Oh the sweetness...

Ryan just letting all of you know that he is going to be FOUR on our next day in Hawaii! ^^
Stay tuned for Ryan's birthday heaven!

A little play time at the beach before we headed out to dinner! ^^

If you have never been to the Dole Plantation it's a MUST in my opinion!
This was my first time doing the Pineapple maze and it was SO fun!
Ryan LOVED it so it's perfect for kids but I'm pretty sure Aaron and I would have had a blast running through it even if we didn't have the kiddos with us!
We were in it for a couple hours so it definitely is not a "small task!" In fact, it's said to be the world's largest maze!
As for the Pineapple Express train... It's looks really cute but not sure it's worth the money spent! ( in my opinion )
We waited about an hour to get on the train and rode VERY SLOW for about 20 minutes through fields -- fields that looked slightly like we left Hawaii and landed in West Texas haha! AKA not too pretty.
( Ryan kept asking when we could get off the train - haha! )
While it's probably interesting to learn how they grow their pineapples, the kids were ready to be off the train by the end!
I wouldn't recommend the train ride but would definitely recommend the maze and OF COURSE DOLE WHIP! Don't ever go to Oahu without trying it! What I would give to have a taste of dole whip right now!

Post Details:

My Pink Floral Coverup // Sunglasses ( similar )

Aaron's Pink Tee

Walmart baby carrier (( I wouldn't recommend it over the nice ones but if you are looking for something cheap and light to travel with that you don't mind getting dirty - it totally works! ))

Happy Thursday Friends!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. What a gorgeous holiday - love these pics x

  2. Is your cover up more of a dress or is it pretty sheer? It is adorable! LOVE your new blog design. So pretty! :)

    1. Thank you sweet lady! I got it as a "cover up" because that's what how it was described on the website :) ( I have the matching swimsuit for underneath! ) It is pretty sheer! I don't think I would wear it just as a dress because it's pretty see-through! ( I have a swimsuit underneath! ) But I love it!

  3. Love this!! I LOVE dolewhip (and it is wonderful for those who are dairy and gluten free!) :) I would love to visit Hawaii- definitely a dream!!