Last night Aaron and I laid in bed with both our hands on my tummy,
feeling our little one kick for about an hour.
Each time he kicked, it was like he had never kicked me before.
(and it was frequent kicking)
We would both look at each other "like ah did you feel it!?"
It is hitting me lately that we are going to be parents.
Excitement and nervousness, all come at once.
The miracle of life is the most incredible thing.
I can't wait until I can experience it first hand.

22 weeks and 3 days!

Sleeping has been the only complaint this week.
Every time these law finals come around.... Someone gets sick. It's the stress.
(he is my healthy boy) but never, have we been able to conquer finals without some type of sickness hitting our little family like the plague.
Of course... I try and stay away from it as long as possible..
we even tried not to kiss for a day..
haha powell family fail.
This week it hit us both.
I think it's physically impossible to not get sick when your significant other is.

So with the combination of a head cold and restroom breaks in the night,
it's been a rough week for sleep.
My body is physically exhausted.
(and so is my husband)
(I guess we are just prepping for our little one)
However... Baby is happy as a bumble bee!
He is kicking away each day and I can't help but smile.
He's swimming, his eyebrows, lips and eyelids are very visible,
and his eyes have formed!
He is looking like a miniature newborn!
He weighs just over a pound!
 I find myself staring at our fridge with all his ultrasound pictures hanging and trying to picture his little face in my mind.
I am still able to run long distances!
I have been so grateful for that!
I usually try and run every other day... that way it doesn't tire me out too bad.
And then try and do a weight work out/ step work out/ yoga on the off days.
Running keeps me going throughout the week, and even though we haven't been feeling well lately, it somehow makes me feel better. I ATTEMPTED p90x yoga the other night, and although the stretching felt good, it's not as comfortable to do "cobra" pregnant. I had to modify a few areas.
Lets just say I'm a "beginner" when it comes to push ups NOT being pregnant,
(never been a strength of mine)
so push ups while pregnant are a serious issue.
My husband will just laugh at me, it's quite embarrassing.
I didn't know extra weight on your tummy could make it so hard.
I stick to girl pushups these days and give up SO easily.

This week I am proud to say I had 2 Wendy's frostys,
1 TCBY yogurt parfait,
and Red Mango twice.
Yes you can compute that in your head and see that there were only 2 days that I did not partake in yogurt or ice cream.
(And that means I probably had ice cream at home)
This is the real reason I work out every day,
(ok I partly enjoy it too)
so I can indulge the goodness whenever my body feels to.
not to mention also that I had about 9 mangos thank you to my mother in law who brought me over a crate of them. heaven to my eyes and mouth.

I got an email this morning from red mango, that said in big letters...
"have you had YOUR mango today!?"
hahaha oh have I!! you better believe it!
and it was a coupon for a dollar off their tropical mango smoothie.
What are the odds?! I will be visiting you this week to use my coupon.
You sold me!

I am so grateful for my little bundle of joy growing inside of me.
It already keeps me company when Aaron is not around with it's little kicks.
Oh how I cannot wait to hold you one day!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. you look great and i am so excited for you!!!
    i used to feel the little kicks on my sisters stomach and it was so surreal.

    1. Aww thank you sweet girl! it feels so surreal still! ha i'm wondering if it will ever feel normal! xoxo

  2. you look awesome!! i am at 20 weeks and still running, feeling really good too...it does help ALOT!!

    1. I'm so glad! it really is the best! ha takes your mind off everything! Congrats on your little baby boy!! how exciting we are only like 2 weeks apart!! xo

  3. What a cute belly! I'm 13.5 weeks and can't wait until I can start feeling those sweet baby kicks.
    I've been dying to ask you what brand watch you wear. I stare at it on every post trying to figure it out. I really like it!

    1. Awww congrats!!! that's so exciting!! oh my goodness you will love it! it really is the best feeling ever! keep me updated on what you are having! i can't wait to find out!
      Watch- Thank you!! It's fossil! I absolutely LOVE it!!

  4. You are so cute! I found your blog through the button on Jessica's site. I can't believe how good you look pregnant! So cute! I love reading about pregnancies.

    1. You are such a sweetheart! I know I was the same way, I loved reading about them.. and then before you know it you are going through it! xoxo