Romantic dinner date and a quick morning workout.

We had a romantic dinner date to Subway on our rush to make our session.
I know what you are thinking...don't over do it.
It looks like we are trying to do cheers with our water glasses but no really I'm just trying to show you that Aaron doesn't believe in straws and to this day it's a pet peeve of mine.
I always HAVE to have a straw and he is always strawless.
After dinner I had this intense craving and want for some candy.
I usually have a supply in my purse but we were running out the door and I forgot.
What else is new?
I convinced Aaron we had enough time for him to go buy me some.
So my sweet husband ran into the nearest grocery store with me
and I couldn't decide if I wanted Peachie'Os or Sour Patch...
SO he gets me both...
That's what happens when your pregnant ladies...
they just want to make you the happiest you can be...
and the happiest i could be was to have both.
 I was in heaven.
Have you ever seen how many peachie'os you can fit on your pinky finger??
Believe it or not, it's fun until the sugar starts falling off and running down your hand.
I felt like I was losing the peachie'o by losing some of it's sugar to my car.
I fit seven in case you were curious.
I was perfectly content with my Peachie'Os until we pulled up one car short of the ice cream truck.
This light had to be almost 5 minutes long and I was dying.
It was like they were calling my name!
(baby was kicking away.. I think he wanted it just as much as I did)
If we were right next to him I would have jumped out and bought one.
I even got my change out ready to jump out of the car, but Aaron wouldn't let me.
Temple was perfect...
We ended the night with falling asleep in bed to "The Newlywed Game" on TV.
Aaron and I claim that we would dominate.
We like to play just to see how many we would get right.
I think we need to sign up for it so we can get a free romantic vacation somewhere.

This morning turned out to be a good morning for 2 reasons.

Reason #1. My interval run.
The alarm went off and Aaron and I only had 25 minutes to work out before we had to get ready for work.
So he asks me what I'm going to do, and I told him I would run...
(when he hears the word "run" he immediately knows that's not what he wants to do and tells me he is going to lift)
What I left out is that I was going to do sprints.
Now "sprints" is Aaron's favorite workout in the history of workouts.
Probably because he dominates
(hence sprinting at BYU for his career for 5 years.)
 and makes you feel like the slowest person in the world when he takes off on a dead sprint. Literally leaves you in the dust, and I didn't think I was that slow.
I WOULDN'T try to race him if I were you.
I would rather run 7 miles than do 3 miles of sprints,
where as Aaron is the complete opposite.. (which is why we are so compatible together haha)
So I did 3 miles of intervals... Sprint, jog, Sprint, Jog, etc.
and it kicked my booty!
I was exhausted.
So if you are in need of a quick calorie burner and dont have a lot of time...
It's a perfect workout, rather than just jogging 3 miles at a slow pace.
(Of course my sprints these days are more like me running at my "non pregnant pace" haha
just kidding, they are a little faster, but still... that's what it feels like.)
Aaron lifted... Boys can do that and feel like they got a big workout,
I always feel like I need a little cardio with it.
Anyways good quick workout to kick your booty in the morning!

Reason #2. My breakfast.
My favorite breakfast in the world is cereal. Seriously, we will go to a hotel and there will be every breakfast food possible and I will choose cereal and milk. (ok or French Toast if it's really good!)
But I honestly I wake up looking forward to my bowl of cereal.
This morning it was the BOTTOM OF THE BOX.
This is the BEST part of the box... probably because that's where it has the most sugar...
oh well... regardless it's the best part!
The crumblies are my favorite!
So my Special K was extra good this morning to start the day off right!

Weekend is finally here which means date night with the husband & red mango.
Favorite night of the week!
xoxo happy weekend everyone!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I don't know how you run so much! It's my least favorite exercise! But you're so cute:) Gummy candies are the best!

  2. I can't believe that you can run while pregnant! That Ice Cream truck brings back memories

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  4. Just finished reading your blog! So cute and congrats on the baby, you guys are too cute. You've also inspired me to take up running again :) My boyfriend also just finished his second year of law school, it's been crazy!