A Bugs Life

It was a beautiful sunny day for Larry the Ant.
(In Aaron's parents backyard)
There he lay floating helplessly in the pool.
Aaron and Karina decide to spice up Larry the Ant's afternoon.
Sadly, this poor ant would never live to see Disneyland.
We brought Disneyland to Larry the Ant.
First ride...
 So we asked Larry to step on the raft and keep all antennas, legs, arms, and tweezers,
inside the raft at all times.
The raft was gently placed at the beginning of the ride (in the hot tub)
just inside the drop's current.
 Here is Larry.
Suspension builds as he inches closer and closer.
At this point Larry wonders why the ride is called the Dungeon Drop.
Now he knows.
Ride instructions failed to mention one little tidbit....
Just because we asked him to keep all hands legs, antennas, and tweezers,
inside the raft..
doesn't mean it would stay that way.
MUST be a talented swimmer.
In the end.....wet, tired, and probably a little mad,
Larry the Ant swam away *(somehow... we have no idea how he survived)*
and continued his day basking in the 85 degree Texas sun.
Oh the life of a bug.
P.S. we probably actually saved his life. His buddy got eaten by a lizard moments later. literally.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Hahaha!!! That is so funny! I hope everything is going well with you, the hubby, and your new bundle of joy! We're out here in Texas now too so I totally feel the heat haha

    1. AHHH LIzette! That's right I was going to tell you! If you are ever near the Houston area please let us know! My husband and I would love to double! and vise vera for dallas area! I love that area! aww I bet you are loving being back in texas!! The heat needs to stay like this... ha i'm slightly dreading summer heat! xoxo