Aaron's running cutoffs & Date night cut short.

Today I finally resorted to Aaron's track cutoffs to work out in.
None of my tanks are comfy, everything workout is too tight, 
(i'm realizing I have no baggy running tops) 
and this is the only thing comfortable to run in. 
Good thing he has like 15 of them.
The only problem is...
They say our last name on every single one.
Now everyone knows who the slow pregnant one running is. haha
(I feel so slow lately.)
You know you're pregnant when a normal run you do usually takes you an hour, and hubby comes looking for you after an hour and 10 minutes because you aren't back yet.
I am considered 6 months pregnant on Monday!! yayyyyyyyyyy

Date night cut short.
My sweet husband took me out for a quick bite to eat at chipotle tonight.
And I got my beloved chicken salad and guacamole.
Not quite cafe rio, but close
hahaha and yes I eat pico like it's ice cream.
I'm obsessed.
I even asked for more on the side and ate every last bit of it.
I could eat it by the spoonful.
(no this isn't anything pregnancy related, I've always done this)
Who knows why my camera took the brightest picture on earth and then died!?
It was sweet of him to take me out because I know he is swamped and 
has a final from 9-12 AM tomorrow.
We did get to listen to a Property Law CD in the car on the way to and from to help him study.
I don't know how people do law school.
Props to them,
I would DIE.
The 15 minutes in the car almost killed me.

So now... Aaron is back to the grind.
And he will be up at 4:30 or 5 AM getting all the last notes in.
SO what does Karina do to keep busy?
Well first I made a batch of Cake Batter Cookies,
ate about half of the batter,
felt a little sick so I did 100 jumping jacks and ran in place for about 5 minutes.
I think that makes you feel even more sick ha you tell me.

Have you ever googled your own name??
I decided to try it tonight.
Then I clicked images...
This came up first.
hahaha that's actually me on the bottom,
What you all don't realize is that
I was a professional wrestler at some point in my life.
(just forget the fact that I recently graduated from 3 pounders to 5 pounders in my workouts)
I googled Aaron and this came up first...
I asked him when he lost 100+ pounds of muscle??
he said this was back in his earlier years.
anyway.. you should try it sometime.

I also looked up Bachelorette Emily's bachelors... season starts monday and yes I'm so excited.
She is darling.

I'm sure I will do a lot more really exciting things in the next little bit to keep myself occupied so I don't distract him. I think that is my #1 Karina fail.
Law school and Karina just don't mix.
I'm so proud of you sweetheart!!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. hahaha this post is so funny. i saw your comment on my blog :) your so sweet. i laughed out loud when i read how you googled your names!! i am going to try that rignt now. should be fun. you gained a new follower. high fives! :)

  2. Trust me, when people see pregnant runners, I don't think anyone is concerned about speed! I'm always just completely impressed, because I don't know that I could run with an extra belly! :)

  3. karina you are probably running faster then the people next to you regardless of being pregnant. I would not go running if there was an alien inside of me weighing me down so props to you chookie face.

  4. I am excited for Bachelorette too!!

  5. You are so adorable Karina!! I just love your blog!

    1. Your such a sweetheart! I love your blog! and ALL your picture oh my gosh, you live in the prettiest place ever!!