Mother's Day Weekend

Our first day of freedom.
Aaron finished his last final and came home to me jumping in his arms with JOY.
We immediately went to Red Mango
Went shopping,
(I'm sure you are all thinking...I wonder who was behind this day ha)
looked at lots of baby clothes, and had a hay day in pottery barn kids.
Yes, I would rather now go into baby gap, Jack and Janie, or gymboree
then Black House White Market or Nordstroms.
I'm obsessed!
Saturday night the boys took us out for Mother's Day to one of my all time favorite restaurants,
You can see my wonderful salmon pictured.
It was heaven in my mouth!
It was the perfect Saturday. 
I was so spoiled on my first Mother's day.
My sweet husband brought me breakfast in bed,
and pampered me all day long.

We taught our darling primary class at church,
and made Mother's Day cards,
Aaron filled out the kids answers.
Oh what a 4 year old child will say.
We died laughing the whole entire time.
 How grateful I am for motherhood,
and the chance I have to be a mommy in a few months!
I had my 6 month dr. appointment today and got to hear it's little heartbeat.
Melts my heart everytime.
-more to come on that!
Thank you to all the MOTHERS out there,
and especially my sweet moms!
a special thank you to my sweet husband who made my day perfect.
I love you!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. oh gosh, the answers that the 4 year old said are absolutely perfect!!!
    and your little baby bump is probably the cutest thing i have ever seen!
    xo TJ

  2. I just found your blog through another one...and it's adorable! Congratulations on your pregnancy-and it looks like you had a great first Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! how cute is your little family! oh my goodness, it gets me excited to have a little one running around! so darling!

  3. You have such a darling blog! Congrats on your pregnancy, you have a new follower ;)


    1. Ok how cute is your little family!!? I love your cute blog!

  4. Love the Betsey swimsuit. Where from?! AND we looove Flemming's too. Spendy but so yums. The house potatoes are so bad for me but so yummy. Oh and their salads! Dang I wanna go there now.

    1. Oh goodness so spendy but so good! Def. a special occasion restaurant...We totally got those potatoes. SOO GOOD! ha you can never go wrong there! Thank you! I love it and it's super comfy, and will grow a little bit with my bump ha but I got it from Everything But Water! I am not sure if it's in Utah... but I know they have a sight online! and they had a bunch of cute one pieces in the store!

    2. Ok, thank you! I will look it up!

  5. I'm so glad that you found my blog so that I could find yours! I read through the majority of your blog yesterday {stalkerish, sorry!} I loved reading through your pregnancy so far, and your baby will be the cutest because well, you both are beautiful!

    1. Haha you're so sweet! I love your blog! you two are so darling! you will be in my same spot sooner than you know! haha xoxo

  6. awh love that bathing suit!! one perk about being a "young" mother, is that we get to have MORE mothers days:)!! awh time is flying he will be here before u know it!

    1. Awww Roz! You are such a sweetheart! he totally will, time is flying! and your little guy is just growing so fast. he is the cutest little thing!

  7. Bahaha, I love it.
    I teach the four year old primary class, too, except my kids mostly just make fun of me because I occasionally pronounce words wrong (I teach in German).

    1. haha oh my goodness, you teach in German!? I can't even imagine! ha they are darling! we love them, and every week we are learning something new and they are not afraid to speak their mind. we love it!