Running pregnancy inspiration and a little belly pop.. and finally THE WEEKEND!!

I woke up this morning and felt like my belly had seriously grown overnight.
It feels like that everyday but today was different.
Maybe it was the big bag of starburst jelly bellies I finished off last night,
and the double bowl of honeycombs i had...
Actually that's probably what it was,
regardless... I feel it.
20 weeks and 5 days!
Here comes the baby.
Even my husband said that he noticed my bump today,
which is big, he doesn't usually say much,
he just pats it and says it's cute.
But today he said "I see it poking!!"
Which let me tell you would probably be an insult to any girl any time but this time.  I was so proud.
I even said... "Thank you sweetheart!"
Even after my 6 mile run this morning,
(usually after running, it's harder to see him with clothes haha)
it is still popping!
My sweet little one is finally making his debut!
 Speaking of running..
I got this article off of one of my favorite running blogs!
These are my pregnancy running role models!!
They seriously are my inspiration.
Both of them ran throughout their ENTIRE pregnancy.
(they run about 80 miles a week though)
They are amazing! I only do like 1/3 of that a week.
Screen Shot 2012 04 03 at 10 30 56 AMIf you are interested, you can read the full article HERE...
They talk about how much exercising and running kept them "sane" throughout pregnancy.
I completely agree.  Running throughout the week is almost my therapy.  I call it my mommy baby time.
It keeps me happy, feeling well, and healthy.:)

For your further entertainment... I caught my husband on camera catching flies. haha
This was probably the most thrilling part of last night.  Considering the fact that school and studying took over most of the night.  Somehow about 2 or 3 flies got into our house, and they seem to be multiplying.  SO my husband set out determined to kill them all! It was hilarious.
Today my sweet husband has already satisfied my craving of Red Mango for lunch...
Which by the way I think I have MASTERED the art of yogurt parfait making...
(the red mango here is self serve, so you make your own,
I don't know if it's like that everywhere??)
Anddd of course we got him his beloved chipotle burrito.
Good thing our favorite places are right next door to each other.
How convienent.
Plans for the WEEKEND!?
I have a date with my favorite person in the world!!He promised me my favorite pizza tonight followed by an intense game of mini golf, which trust me my husband and I are very competitive when it comes to this.
Mostly just because he does not like to be beaten by his wife.
(he never goes easy on me!)
Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Haha! I love it. Your husband sounds EXACTLY like my husband in that video. That was so weird. His actions and everything. I know he doesn't say or do much, but he really does. I can FINALLY see a little bump! You're so cute!

    1. hahahah Aw i love it! totally know what you mean! they are cuties!! It's coming! haha not too long for you cute girl!

  2. You have the most adorable bump ever! I know I will just blow up like a balloon when and if we're blessed with a baby!

  3. Fly thing is hilarious. My husband is same way. And the running exercise thing I hope I have the energy and power to do it like you!

  4. I read the same running blog! lol I wish our red mango was self serve=(

  5. I am so jealous you are able to run while being pregnant!! I was put on bed rest early on in mine so mostly I can walk .. which I don't feel does much but hey, something is better than nothing .. right?? Anyways love your blog!! I kind of stumbled on it through Chelsea Hansen and think you are so adorable! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my goodness! you poor thing! bed rest?? that's terrible! hopefully you are feeling better!! You and your hubby are so dang cute!

  6. Wow! 80 miles per week WHILE pregnant! That is intense! But, you are right, such an inspiration!

  7. Will you email me?? I have questions about running while pregnant!