Dear SUBWAY... You are so convenient and quick but I think I might have overdone it. 6 inch on wheat- just doesn't quite excite me much anymore.
Dear BANK downstairs from where I work.. I don't even know what bank you are... but I owe you about 12 suckers that I take from your little treat bucket each day at work. they are addicting. My father in law says his law firm banks through them, so it makes me not feel AS bad. one day I will repay you!

Dear Baby.. I was awaken this morning at 5 A.M. by a kicking machine! Although I couldn't help but smile, maybe wait to kick mommy till 7 when it's time to get up! You are making mommy so tired these days.

Dear working out... This is how I feel about you every single day.
However lately it's towards the "No" column...

Dear running... I finally had to cave and buy a new pair of running shorts, you were getting too tight in the waist to be comfortable.  you make me so extremely tired lately.

Dear Baby (for the second time)... We still don't know what we are going to name you! We have 2 we really like.... and I think we have your middle name picked out....but we might just have to see your cute face before we decide! I am convinced you look like a mini Aaron, even in the ultrasound pictures. However, I keep having nightmares that we will never decide on a name so I get worried.

Dear piano.. I never thought I would say this. But i miss practicing you! the countless hours a day make me now miss you. Aaron promised he would buy me a piano when he gets out of law school, that way maybe I can teach again..

Dear BBQ chicken pizza... I may or may not have mastered making you from scratch...


I found another couple pictures for you...
What is my face doing!? What is Aaron's face doing? ha I am so confused.
This is also a classic...
i miss you mountains!!

Dear Animal Planet and River Monsters.. Aaron and I have a secret slight obsession.. Embarrassing or not, we find you fascinating.

Dear Taylor Swift... I heart you!!!

Dear tummy of mine... I still don't understand how you can grow everyday!! lately you hurt! I think it's because you are trying to stretch and grow! Not comfortable at all!!
Luckily I have cute red stretchy maternity pants to make you more comfortable!

Dear TCBY yogurt parfait...
You never will disappoint me!
p.s. thank you to my husband, you made my night!!!

Our DEAR friends..
One of Aaron's best friends from college,
played baseball at BYU,
so us wives always had the athletics to relate to!
He and his wife
found out they are having a boy too!! 
Can't wait to have minis just a few days apart!!!

Dear Wednesday... Today you are a special one, because you have marked the end of my husband's classes of his first year of law school, so I like you!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I am 19 weeks Friday...still not sure if I felt the baby kick yet!! can hardly wait!!!

    1. AHHH how exciting!!! It will come and you will know it's a kick! haha It first just feels like little bubbles popping in your tummy and then as the weeks go on they will get to be more like little jolts! How cute are you!? we are only 3 weeks apart! DO you know what it is yet?? Or I'm guessing you will find out at 20 weeks??

  2. Just found your blog from the do something good link up and am just getting aroudn to commenting! First off- teach me how to make the bbq chicken pizza! I've been trying to master this for months and would love to know your tricks! Secondly, oh my goodness I love your pictures on the side of your blog! it looks like you two have been EVERYWHERE together- just loving life and doing everytrhing you can. That's so amazing. I love travelling but unfortunately sometimes my funds limit how often or how far I can go! Congrats on the baby! So exciting!

    new follower :)

  3. Please please please post how you make that delicious looking pizza! It looks very tasty :)

    1. Yes yes yes! i will post the recipe soon! It's so easy and so so tasty! Whole wheat crust that takes seriously 10 minutes to make!

  4. Okay... small world, I totally recognized that guy as the husband of a blogger I have met before and love haha Ashley Sloan right? Anyways, Congrats on the first year of law school being over, I know how amazing that feels... so happy over here!

    1. Aww yes! we love the sloans!! What a small world! p.s. I loved your race pictures! i told my husband we have to do that one day!!