How far: 18 weeks and 3 days!
 Our sweet little one is the length of a bell pepper and weighs
7 ounces. Almost half a pound!

I feel hungrier and hungrier each day.
I find that I love lots of small meals throughout the day,
rather than a few big ones.
I'm such a snacker these days.
No new cravings have really hit me this week,
I want pizza all the time,
but that's not anything new.
and of course mangos! so Aaron went to the store at 10 last night and bought me a mango
and I devoured it!! He's such a sweetheart.
However, I do find that I am thristy 24/7.
I can't get enough liquid,
and when I run, you can hear the water in my tummy swishing around.
No wonder a lot of the weight you gain is water weight.

The past couple weeks my dreams have become really weird,
and really vivid.
The pregnancy curse.
They are so bazar that I wake up and think I am really in them.
I have woken Aaron up a few times, (poor kid)
I don't even know why I wake him up,
I'm like half asleep anyways.
He just kisses my head and i'm able to go back to sleep.
It is the first week that I have noticed it being a little
uncomfortable to lay on my back,
I get achy really easily.
(I tried to do a back bend the other day,
(don't ask me why, I was in the stretching/yoga mood)
and let me just say, word to the wise:
NOT smart with a little belly.)

I haven't felt him move distinctly like I did last week,
it's little flutters here and there,
and it makes me smile each time.
He must be swimming around a lot
because it was the first week in a while
where nausea hit again.
It was no fun.
Nothing sounded good the other night so Aaron went and bought me
all this fruit for dinner,
(because somehow fruit and bread are the only things that
don't make my tummy upset)
and luckily I was able to keep it all down.

I was able to do a 6.5 mile run this morning,
and didn't have to stop once!
I felt awesome.
It was the most accomplishing feeling coming home
and not feeling as tired as usual.
I feel like I have so much more energy lately.
I am soaking it all in,
I don't want to ever feel like I'm "pushing it" when I work out,
I have gotten really good about staying in my comfort zone.

Aaron will fall asleep with his hand on my tummy
just in case it kicks hard for him.. it's cute.

The baby bump hasn't quite popped although I feel it
getting bigger each day.
I am still wearing my normal clothes,
and normal jeans
a lot of them fit fine but some are definitely getting very snug.
I can usually hide it pretty well with clothes,
however aaron and I can DEFINITELY tell it's there.
and if you know me well, I'm sure you could tell.
Certain parts of my body are also growing rapidly if you know what I mean.
Getting ready for that baby!
These here are MATERNITY skinny jeans!!!
They are so comfortable! I was so proud,
to put them on this morning, and have them stay up!
I love my little bump.
I had a doctors appoinment this week,
baby sounded healthy and strong,
my blood pressure was abnormally lower than usual but the nurse
said that is normal at this time.
I have gained 2 pounds since 15 weeks!
We go in at 20 weeks for another ultrasound,
and I cannot wait to see him!
(and make sure it's a "he", and we aren't carrying twins, haha
 we are pretty dang sure from our last ultrasound pictures....
but my dreams will tell you different)

I cry about everything baby wise.
If I see a birth on TV or in the movies,
I am bound to cry.
If I see a cute family on TV
I start tearing up.
It still doesn't feel real that we are almost 5 months along
and getting closer to that day.
(By the way I have a slight obsession with Biggest Loser,
and my favorite episode was last night- make over week!
I cried the whole time!)

Names- we still have no idea.
We have thought of a few we like,
but nothing has stood out quite yet,
boys names are so hard for me!
I have a list of at least 5 girl names I absolutely love
but with boys... it's a little harder.
Luckily we have a little time.

P.S. did any moms (or pregnant girls) out there ever notice a pulse in your belly??
Does it last the whole pregnancy? I love it but I wonder if it is just in my head.

I find myself feeling so grateful to be pregnant,
and so grateful to be carrying this little child.
I feel like I use the words grateful and blessed over and over and over,
but it's the best possible way to describe it.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I notice the pulse when I lay on my back and it drives me crazy!! Hahs. I could feel it my entire pregnency whenever I was on my back. The greatest feeling is right after you deliver because all your pregnancy systems vanish:) although I did miss feeling my little guy move. I love keeping up on your blog!

  2. I notice the pulse when I lay on my back and it drives me crazy!! Hahs. I could feel it my entire pregnency whenever I was on my back. The greatest feeling is right after you deliver because all your pregnancy systems vanish:) although I did miss feeling my little guy move. I love keeping up on your blog!

    1. Jami! I want to follow your blog! I tried to get to it the other day and saw that it was private!! I am the EXACT same way! As soon as I lay on my back it starts to pulse! So glad to know someone else is like that! You have such a cute little family!!

  3. the pulse could be hiccups !!!!!! i thought it was a pulse too, but it ended up being hiccups!!! its the cutest...

    1. AHHH! How cute!! I had no idea! Aww I hope it's hiccups! That's so darling! thank you for telling me!

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Holy cow, you look so adorable pregnant; you're radiant! (I'm sure I'll just look bloated and exhausted once my hubs and I decide to start a family)
    And 6.5 miles?! I am SO impressed!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  5. Karina you are so beautiful! I love how well you are keeping track of your pregnancy. You will be so thankful you did someday! As for the pulse - Sydney was a hiccuping babe early on and never stopped! It is very cute at first :) but eventually I wished she wouldn't hiccup all night long! haha, but its cute because when she came out it was no different and I just looked at her and thought I know you! You sweet little hiccuping baby! You just going to be the sweetest mommy! I can't wait for you to have your little guy. Ah he is going to be the best dressed little one ever!! xo

  6. You are just adorable! Seriously! Could you and your man be anymore gorgeous together? Can't wait to see what an adorable little one you two make! Happy I found your blog today!

  7. P.S. Just read your about me! haha :) My husband is at BYU Law School just finishing up his first year as well! And Even though I grew up in San Diego I am from Canada, and I have TONS of family IN Calgary! Love all the fun connections you can find with people... Oh and my brother and his wife and family live in Texas :) haha

  8. 1. your baby bump is absolutely the cutest thing i have ever seen!
    2. i just stumbled across your blog and it is perfect! i am so very jealous of all the beautiful places you have been!
    xo TJ

  9. Pretty sure you're one of the prettiest pregnant ladies I've ever seen! Stop it! haha. You guys are going to have such attractive children!

  10. you are gorgeous! seriously glowing. I love those maternity skinnys. But, I love your top even more!! So cute. ANd I can't believe all the places you have been. So fun! I'm so jealous! xo

  11. You have such an adorable blog! Y'all are too cute and you are 1 cute prego. Hope you are feeling good....I can't believe what a runner you are {good for you!} ;). PS-Where did you get your pregnant skinnies??...I have some pregnant skinny jeans from my last pregnancy but they are way too big still...

    1. You're such a sweetheart! Thank you!! My mom got me these from Pea in the Pod! I LOVE them!! They kinda just stretch with you instead of being just "8 months pregnant pants" haha, so I totally know what you mean! I also have a couple really cute ones from gap maternity that I love! Hopefully that helps!! xoxo

  12. Ah! Look how cute you are! Reading this post makes me SO excited to be pregnant someday! (Hopefully sooner than later :) ha ha)

    1. Aww you're such a sweetheart! it's the best! I hope it's sooner than later too so I can have a pregnant buddy to read about! You two are so cute!

  13. I was wondering, why do you wear your ring on your right hand? Is there a specific story or tradition behind it?

    1. Oh no!! Sorry! It's a mirror image picture! haha I thought the same thing when I looked at it! But it's on my left hand!!