Weekend love.
 This would be the way my husband gets around Sams.
This is also my favorite isle in the store. (hence the bulk candy)
We went to Sams merely for samples.
Is that terrible?
It's the best part.
We did stock up on a few necessities,
but our sample cravings were definitely satisfied.
Aaron makes fun of me because every time we are out,
I am always looking for decorations for the house.
I love going into all the decorating stores and sometimes I beg Aaron
if I find something I love to buy it.
He asked me the other day,
"Will you ever NOT want decorations for the house?"
in other words,
"will our house ever be DONE decorating??"
(you can see how much he loves hanging pictures on the wall,
he's actually gotten really good at it.)
I thought about that question for a minute,
thought about my mom and mother in law,
and they never stop looking for things to decorate their house with.
So I replied "No. haha it will just be like this forever."
"Wait until we own a house!"
You should have seen the look on his face.
Good thing he loves me unconditionally.
 I have failed to show you our cute bedroom!!!
It's finally coming together,
it feels like it takes forever to fill in all the gaps
when you move in,
and it still has lots to do...
but its coming!
 Best part about the bedroom-
Well of course our big and comfy bed,
AND... our
TV so we can fall asleep to movies.
It's our favorite.
It's also Aaron's way to watch sports center in bed,
(while he brushes my hair and I fall asleep on him)
We also have an x box hooked up,
we haven't had a chance to play recently because we are so busy,
but that is always convenient.
This weekend
We made our way to the BOOKSTORE!!!
So proud of ourselves.
Now those of you who have read my blog in the past,
know that Aaron and I get an 'F' when it comes to reading books.
We are TERRIBLE, we NEVER read.
I am embarrassed to say that my reading extent is the Twilight series,
and my anatomy books for school.
Aaron gets about 6 hours a day in of reading law books,
which sounds like torture to me!
(p.s. mr. 20/20 vision is not going to be 20/20 long!
It's true what they say about law school!,
I think he will need reading glasses by the end of 3 years.)
No time or interest in extra curricular reading,
hopefully we can teach our child differently because I think it's so good for you!
Anyways, We made our way to the bookstore for this reason...
Yes we sat in there for about 45 minutes and went through about 1/3 of this book writing down cute ones that stood out to us.
What a date.
We will be back soon to finish the book.
Saturday night we were invited to a CRAWFISH broil with my in laws.
Have you guys (y'all, ha i don't ever know what to say anymore,
husband says y'all, and the whole world down here says it)
(I don't have the southern accent like my in laws so I don't feel worthy to say it)
ever heard of it???
I had never heard of it!
I was completely blown away.
It's a southern thing.
They just have millions of live crawfish in coolers,
(little kids are picking them up and running around with them)
and they boil them all in a huge pot (hence the CRAWFISH BOIL)
It's amazing how they do it.
I was blown away.
After getting past de-veining them they were so good.
It was an experience never to forget.

Easter morning, I get a text from my mother in law,
saying that she thinks the Easter bunny came and to look on our porch.
Cutest easter packages ever.
a gift card to RED MANGO, (so excited)
my in laws know me so well...
and lots of other fun treats.
My husband got a gift card to the movies,
and smores bunnys from William Sonoma!
One of many perks to being pregnant.
I get 2 cookies.
One for me, and one for the baby.
I opened a box from my favorite store in the world to go shopping!
White house black market
and got a beautiful bracelet!
My sweet mother in law...
My husband got such a handsome Ralph Lauren tie!
Ok... I snuck this little picture for keepsake.
This is our cute primary class we teach at church and it melts my heart
when he teaches them... cutest thing ever.
can't wait for him to be a daddy.
Just when you thought our Easter fun was over... NOPE.
My in laws planned an Easter Egg hunt for Aaron and I in their backyard!
18 eggs to find, and they did a dang good job of hiding them!!
I felt like such a little kid, and we loved every minute of it.
He was like an excited little school boy with his basket.
We opened the eggs to find cash, and MORE CANDY.
Cutest in laws ever!
I am so lucky.
Easter is one of my favorite Sundays of the year,
I can't believe it's the last one before we have little babies!
(yes next year we will be setting up an easter egg hunt for our less than 8 month old little baby)
I am so grateful for our Savior,
what a perfect day to be able to remember Him.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Your in-laws sound awesome! & your easter looked like so much fun :)

  2. What a fun Easter!!! Steve and Malinda are SO fun and cute...you're a lucky girl :)
    P.S. I love how great you are at taking pictures of everything and keeping your blog up-to-date. I have something to aspire to :)

  3. Look's like the two of you had an awesome day!!! And Lucky you, getting two cookies!

  4. That last post was from me, I was signed in to my work gmail. whoops! Happy Easter!

  5. Holy cow your in-laws rock! I love your blog and can't believe you are still half my size and have a 19 week old baby in you! What the heck?! Not fair! YOu're darling and I'm so happy for you two! xoxo

  6. how adorable was your Easter?! Lucky ducks! So cute! I have always wanted to go to a crawfish shin dig, I have heard of them but have never been :)

  7. Ok this is too funny! Josh and I teach the Valiant 8's in our ward, and I totally snuck a couple cute pics of him teaching our Easter lesson yesterday! Haha! You two are so beyond darling it's not even funny. You are the cutest little pregnant girl ever...I can't wait to see your beautiful baby!!

  8. Hi there!

    I just found your site this evening and am having so much fun perusing it :) I am sure you have gotten this question once or twice, but where in the heck do you shop?!? You have the cutest outfits!