The newest addition to our little one's closet.
This baby will have more clothes than I do and he's not even BORN!!!!!!!
(trust me, that's a lot of clothes)
Actually my mother in law bought this for us a little bit ago, I'm just behind on blogging about it!
You will most definitely "call the shots" in our house little one.
you will have mommy and daddy wrapped around your finger!
Which brings me to Aaron's and I's recent conversations...
"Who will be the strict one".. who will be "not as strict", etc.
hahaha we settled it and agreed to both be strict in certain areas of discipline,
and to be really fun parents...
but I secretly know I will so be the strict one, (except when it comes to relationships... I told Aaron's he's got that one) (haha if we have a little girl down the road, I will be surprised if he lets her date.. those boys will not like him!)
Ok... I have a CONFESSION to make...
I will find myself every other day, if not daily,
going through all our babies little clothes!!
I have become obsessed with his tiny little outfits!
I can't wait to be the one to dress him everyday.
Oh my goodness he won't be here soon enough!!
21 weeks and 3 days!!
According to baby app on my phone...
Our baby is the length of a big carrot 10 1/2 inches long!
and weights 3 quarters of a pound!
(haha he was bigger than this at our appointment a week and a half ago and he weighed more!)
so the doctor is thinking he is measuring closer to 22 weeks!
But we will stick with the baby app today!

I can say that this week has definitely had it's ups and downs.
I can feel my body wear down so easily each day,
and I find myself just wanting to cuddle up and sleep all the time.

His kicks become stronger each day.
They aren't little flutters anymore, I can definitely feel him moving 24/7.
I have to say that feeling him move is the best part of this whole process.
I love it!

As I said in my most recent post this morning...
We are pretty sure on his middle name,
and we have a few we really like for his first name...
however... I might just have to see his cute face before I decide!!

This week I want Red Mango all the time.
I mean, what else is new!?
but this week it's a burning desire,
luckily my in laws gave me this giftcard that is currently being put to very good use.
I am proud to say they know my name when I walk in the door.
I also just found out that they are building a red mango just around the corner from where we live!!!!! What are the odds???
You should have seen my face when Aaron told me! I was freaking out!
I am not sure if this will be a good or bad thing... It will be so conveniently close for me to eat it almost daily... I will have to refrain.. regardless,
BEST news of the day. 

My phone told me this week... only 19 weeks left!!!
Any other time this would sound like an eternity, but when you have been through 21 weeks of  pregnancy- 5 months... it's like "YES!! bring it on baby!!"
I'm secretly hoping he comes early...
but don't we all??

As excited as I am for this little one to come into our little family..
(trust me nothing could make me happier)
I am soaking up every late night with my husband.
Games, movies, hanging out.. everything.
We are aware that our lives are changing,
for the better...
but also that this time we have now is priceless and to never take advantage of it.

I am grateful so for a little one, and a sweet husband that makes days so much happier when I'm down!
I owe it all to him!

Karina Marie Powell

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