20 Weeks!!!
I can't believe we are halfway!!
It's so exciting.
Half way until we get to meet our little one!!
I can hardly wait.
Tip for the day:
Get the pregnancy baby ap to your phone if you are pregnant!
It gives you updates every single day and it's the best!
Like today, for example,
it tells me to celebrate our halfway point and go get me
something good to eat-
or buy something nice for yourself.
haha which is exactly what I will do.
Red mango here I come.

 A mango a day keeps the doctor away.
haha not really but seriously, I have a mango almost every day.

I think it's time I look into getting a belly band or whatever those things are called!
My pants are getting a little too snug in the waist!

I feel him kick me and move constantly ALL day long and it's the best feeling in the world!
It never fails to make me smile.
Aaron feels it every once and a while,
he gets jealous that I get to feel it all day long.

This week he grew from 8 ounces to 12 ounces!
Apparently in the next couple weeks he will be doubling in size.

Lately I have gotten the WORST leg cramps at night.
It's like charley horses times 10
and they last forever.
For all of you who have felt that being pregnant before you will know that it's a terrible pain!
I wake up crying, or I scream,
and Aaron will wake up and be like
"what sweetie what!??!?!"
I will scream "my leg!!" and he will have to rub my calf for about
15 minutes at 2 in the morning.
(it really is that dramatic)
I have read all the articles about this, and I try to do everything it says
to help with them- drinking lots and lots of water, stretching in the day- I sleep on my side, etc.
My mom said that they happened to her a lot
and they got worse as her pregnancies went on and her doctor told her to eat more bananas.
so maybe it is GENETIC?
haha which let me tell you it's a PROJECT for Aaron to get me to eat a banana.
I'm sure that's my problem.
If anyone has any more suggestions or experience please let me know!

My obsession of looking at other people's baby bumps,
and reading their stories keeps growing.
It gets me so excited.

I have to pee (excuse my language) a couple times in the night,
and I don't last very long without having to go on runs.
I have learned to time my runs with a bathroom in sight.
I feel like a camel when it comes to water.
I can't get enough,
I drink water constantly,
and it's amazing how much water you retain
to protect your baby.

Cravings this week- were fulfilled in Utah by Cafe Rio,
and Kneaders French Toast.
I still want fruit all day every day.
I guess that is a good thing!

I feel like I am at the most awkward stage of pregnancy!
I can't fit into maternity clothes,
(some pants fit good because they are stretchy!)
but my clothes are getting a little snug so I feel limited
of what to wear.
My husband was shocked that I fit a weeks worth of clothes into
a carry on suitcase this last week.
I told him it's because I don't have the option to bring everything I own!
I'm actually excited for when my tummy "pops" and people can
ask if I'm having a baby?!

Apparently the baby can hear you now!
My sweet inlaws gave us a book
titled "oh baby the places you will go,
a book to be read in the utero."
Cutest book ever.
We read it for the first time to our baby last night.
How exciting that he can recognize our voices.

I am meeting my sweet husband at the doctor for our ultrasound
this afternoon.
We are so excited to see our little one!
This ultrasound they will make sure the gender is boy.
Who knows, I could be coming to you tomorrow
to tell you it's actually a girl.
haha my dreams have been so wild.
We are so so happy.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. If you can stomach 1-2 tablespoon of PICKLE juice during the cramp, it should stop the pain within 2-3 seconds. We suggest keeping it right on the bedside table, so it is available immediately!! It sounds so gross, but it is a useful trick, I promise!

  2. Magnesium pills help. You can get them basically anywhere and just take one or two a day to help with the leg cramps.

  3. Deep blue essential oil lotion rub from DoTerra. I could give you more info but its like a miracle for my cramps. I kid you not, I wanted to chop my legs off when id get my Charlie horses without it. Let me know if you need more info, catch me on Facebook :) -Sierra Huddleston

  4. You are so cute! I hope I look as good as you when I'm pregnant.. Holy cow! I've also heard that magnesium helps (raw chocolate has magnesium in it :) ) and raw apple cider vinegar is also supposed to stop leg cramps. Good luck!

  5. Half way!! How exciting! That's so strange about the leg cramps though, hopefully you can find a cure :) xo

  6. Make a fruit/green smoothie everyday and dump a couple of bananas into it. That's how I eat my bananas :)

  7. Karina! You look amazing. You are most definitely the most beautiful pregers mommy ever! This is the cutest blog ever! So sweet... just reading it makes me smile.