36 weeks and 6 days.
I am 37 weeks tomorrow!
We went in last Wednesday for our 36 week ultrasound!
Oh my goodness it was so good to see him!
I started to tear up when I saw his little heart bouncing up and down on the screen!
Ahhhh it's such a relief to see that everything looks good and ready!
The doctor checked me, and I am dilated to a 1.5 and 75 % effaced.
That made me so happy.
(regardless of if it really means anything yet.)

The baby was in the perfect head down position,
and is measuring approximately 6.4 pounds!
Oh my goodness! What a little chunker!!!!.
The nurse said he is beyond squished in there.
Which explains everything-
I will be out somewhere and someone will double take my belly because it is literally moving up and down-
he is going crazy in there. I see every little move 24/7.
haha no idea how he is 6 pounds already! (of course it's not an exact approximation)
She said if I go the full 40 weeks he will be close to 8 pounds - they think!!
My mom had all around 8 pound babies, and Aaron was over 9 pounds!
haha so I was destined to have a good size baby. So lets hope he comes in the next couple weeks!

The doctor said if my cervix looked good at 38 weeks,
that they would schedule an induction date, for sometime within a week before my due date..
if he hadn't come by then. (lets just hope he comes on his own)

Say hello to me and my basketball.

The nurse said he has lots of hair! awww
The whole time he was sucking his little hand and going crazy in me
Everyhing looked absolutely perfect,
he is already so perfect.

I have gained 19 pounds exactly according to today.

that's all I want these days.
Each night I have a bowl of fruitloops- without fail now.

The nurse said I was all baby,
and this little one is definitely not skipping any meals. haha
I have noticed that I am starving all the time now...
Some ladies say that they didn't eat as much in the last month because there was no room,
but somehow my body thinks there is an endless amount of room and I eat lots lately.
His goal until birth is just to put on weight,
and let me tell you- he is definitely doing that.

Our house is all about baby.
His little nursery furninture finally comes on tomorrow!!
Thank goodness, pottery barn you were stressing me out.
But everything else for the nursery is ready and bought!
So it should be a quick put together.
Who knows where our work out/ weight room will go now. haha

and Introducing HERBERT POWELL-
our giraffe. Named by my husband.
My mother in law bought a life size giraffe for his room.
Cutest thing I have ever seen.
I am in love!

Bedding washed, sheets washed, and his little clothes- all washed.

2 more date nights until he will be here ...Ahhh.

Guess what!??
We are preregistered at the hospital.
#39 out of 2 million things on our to do list.

P.S. I am considered full term tomorrow!
so Little one feel free to come any day after tomorrow.
Guesses on when he will come!?
Ready GO!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You are so adorable. I cannot wait for Baby to make an appearance on the blog. He'll be gorgeous - just like his parents!


  2. You are so dang cute pregnant girl :) I love it.

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous....you make pregnancy look SO good! I hope your little man comes whenever you guys are ready...be it the day after tomorrow or 3 weeks from now. I guess he will come when HE is good and ready! :)

  4. Yay!!! Oh you're getting close! My baby girl was super stubborn and had to be induced at 41 weeks to finally show up! Hahahaha but you're already more dilated than I was so I hope he comes on his own!!! ;) Eeeek! So exciting!

  5. oh my gosh! you make pregnancy look so easy! I think your baby will come next wednesday! Random guess but that's so exciting for you guys!

  6. that giraffe is huge!
    :) He'll love it.
    It must be so exciting to be so close! Keep doing what you're doing, he'll be here sooner than you know!

  7. you look amazing pregnant!


  8. I'm so excited for you! I gained exactly 20lbs my pregnancy and my last couple of weeks I was starving all the time too. I seriously could not get enough fresh summer fruit. I hope he comes soon!

  9. I am so excited for you two.....And your mom and dad! Well, both sets of parents. Their first grand child. It's so awesome! It's exciting how far you are already for your very first baby. Everything looks perfect! Laurie

  10. I will guess August 19th. You are so freaking cute.

  11. Um, I want to look like you when I get pregnant one day! haha :) So cute!

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog. So glad I found yours. You are darling. new follower here :)

  13. hahaha 'what a little chunkier' . awww