Proud night in the Powell home.

That's right everyone.
We graduated from birthing class.
We are officially ready to birth a baby. ha
The cutest teacher ever.
We loved her.
A few of the girls in our class! We were missing a few ladies in the picture.
The girl right to my right is due the day before us!- I told her I hope I see her in the hospital!
The girl on the very left is due a week before me- and the other two are due a few weeks after!
ALL due with boys!

We took a tour of the hospital and our rooms.
Aaron mapped out the tv/ sports channels and we are good to go.
It is so surreal!

Honestly- I felt like most of the class I had learned in previous college classes,
or just by talking to my mom,
but it was such a good review!
However Aaron learned a ton and we had so much fun together.
We laughed really hard most of the time.
(not to mention we got to watch all the the little newborn births- I love seeing them)
I would definitely recommend it for couples!
We are ready for whatever little surprises this little one has in store for us!

I'm sure you all are really jealous-
but this is what's going on in our house tonight..
(with olympics on in the back round of course)
Aaron giving some love to the baby's animals.
We have a big project on our hands-
getting all his little clothes organized and put away along with ALL his stuff.
There are bags and bags of stuff!
(cutting it close!? ha yes!!!  We don't have his furniture yet! - so we haven't had anywhere to put it! Pottery Barn Kids takes a really long time to ship and order- just for a tip for you future mommas! 
I feel like it has come up so quickly!)
 Hanging up all his little outfits- oh my goodness I cannot get over how cute they are.
 There are so many I want to show you-
but to start out.. Yes he even has a newborn robe!!! hahaha
I apologize everything in our life is about babies and that's all I seem to talk about these days.:)
Trust me one day you will understand- if you don't already.
I can't wait to show you his nursery,
and everything else. 
ahhhh we cannot wait to meet you little one!
Happy Monday!! xoxo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Is it so weird that you're getting all ready for the baby and before you know're going to have a SON? I don't know..I can't help but think about it lately--and how absolutely different {and awesome} your life is going to be. Ahh. I can't wait for you!

  2. Well arnt you the cutest little mama to be :)! love it.

  3. congrats on finishing your class! here's hoping your little one comes early like you want! xo

  4. I can't wait tI see how stinking cute his nursery turns out!

  5. Can you believe it?! You're going to have a baby soon! Your going to be a MOMMY! (I am in shock for myself that "mommy" will be my new title, but a title I will wear with so much pride!) I have to say I am so jealous that you're done with your baby class, my husband and I are taking ours on Saturday! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and your little babe. I look forward to reading more, and seeing the nursery too!

  6. Congratulations on finishing your class! I can imagine how anxious you feel getting through it all and waiting for the big day.

  7. lol again you are so cute! Love how you are so excited, you have good reason and they are so worth it! i noticed that you have a Ton of clothes for him that look about the same size. They grow really fast and just a note, jeremiah never fitted the newborn size for longer than a week after he was born, he went straight into the 0-3 month cloths and has been growing at a pace that fits him into the next sizing catigory 2 months before he reaches the max in the previous (if that makes any sense). So he is currently wearing 18 month cloths (that barely fit) but he doesn't turn one till saturday. just warning you about a very good chance of a fast growing baby boy ;) Make sure you have the other sizes, i'm almost always getting new cloths to replace all the ones he grows out of each week. I can't wait to see the nursery!

  8. I'm so excited for you! Birth is the most AMAZING experience. I just had my second baby last Friday. I would relive those precious moments over and over again if I could. Enjoy the anticipation and the big day! I know it doesn't feel like it, but the day will be here before you know it.

  9. WOwww... congratulations! What a great life!
    LOVE your blog... new follower here!

  10. You are getting so close----I bet you are just so anxious for that baby to arrive!!!! Love that little alligator romper---I love rompers for little boys;)


  11. Awww congratulations on your graduation! You look amazing as always. You are getting SO close....can't wait to "meet" your precious little guy!