37 weeks, A monday of tears, and tuesday tangents

37 weeks!!!

I shed a tear or two or three yesterday.
It's part of the pregnancy cycle I guess.

Yesterday was Aaron's first day of his 2nd year of law school.
(meaning we only have one more year to go after this! ahhhh)
I was having separation anxiety and didn't want him to leave ha
so I wouldn't let him get out of bed in the morning.
(it's ok though, soon I will have a mini him that I get to play with all day long)

We began the morning with a little P90X.

so glad you can see us in our finest hour- aka 6:30 AM

Which by the way, I think it is so much harder to lift at 6:30 in the morning,
rather than in the afternoon? My muscles were still asleep.

We made his lunch, (awww)
got his books together, and he took off to the bus stop.
I felt like a mom getting him all ready for his first day of school.
The first tears of the day were shed when he kissed me goodbye (as if I'm never going to see him again)
Thanks to him I have no first day of school picture.
What a little punk.
He just wasn't cooperating with me. haha

(P.S. He rides a charter bus downtown Houston each day. It takes about 45 minutes to get there.
It's the cheapest way- gas wise, and also the most convienent so he can study on the bus-)

As soon as he left, I took my massive basketball and I on a walk.

I attempted to run, but only ran about 2 miles of it.
It was a 6 mile route, and I'm just not even going to tell you how long it took me,
because then you will compute it in your head, and average out how slow I waddled along.
It made me teary eyed when I finally made it home.

I made it back just in time for my "time slot" for pottery barn kids to deliver my baby's bed.
Lesson learned.-
They never come within the "2 hour period" they tell you they will.
I stressed myself out thinking it would never come-
and I would go into labor and my baby would have no where to sleep haha
But FINALLY after shedding some tears,
a massive truck pulled up to our house.
Then tears of joy. - It was just a day of  tears I tell you.

They set up my beautiful crib & changing table-
and I am in love!

I took off to Pottery barn to get the very last item on the list- the Mattress.

Then headed straight to my OBGYN for my 37 week Appointment.
Ok, not straight there..
first stopped to get red mango-
(Time to get a new manicure I know)

Because we all know I can't even pass that place without going in and getting a big yogurt parfait-
It turned out to be perfect timing because
All the sugar made the baby go crazy in the appointment haha

You know your getting close to delivery when they all know your name when you walk in the office.
Then when you leave- they say "see you next week! - unless you decide to go into labor!"
I was trying to compute how many urine samples I have given in the last 9 months,
but decided to stop haha.
Weight good, blood pressure good,
baby's heartbeat was loud and strong.

She checked me-
I am now dialated to a 2!
Little one has completely DROPPED!!
I can breathe, I can eat! (not that I couldn't eat before haha)
But he is offically out of my ribs and killing my lower abdomen.
Just when you thought bathroom breaks couldn't get any worse- they do!

I got back to our place and attempted to get the mattress out of the car.
Karina Fail.
Sometimes I forget I have a torpedo poking out of my body.
Belly got in the way and I dropped all of my stuff including the mattress
And I heard a big shatter-
There goes my phone. :( (It even had the case on it!)
But the front is completely shattered.
More tears.

Aaron came home and rescued my tears
and my sweet inlaws came over and brought dinner and helped finish things in the nursery.
They are the absolute BEST.

Everything is just about ready. YAYY
So I will put more pictures up soon!
Needless to say, An emotional day for the babes and I.

But sneak peak on how it is coming!!!-
We still need to put everything on the walls and finish decorating-
he has lots of animals! but it's coming!

Tuesday Tangents-

#1. Don't ask why I spent sunday after church at my in laws house in a swimsuit.

I am in the process of making the baby a big sign for his room door to welcome him home haha.
(my husband says "good thing he will be able to read it honey")
regardless- I am welcoming him home.
It will be done- hopefully before he gets here and I will show you.
It is my project while Aaron reads his law books at night-
I'm a coloring fanatic so it will keep me from distracting my husband from homework.

#2. My mother in law and I picked out a tree we wanted for the babes room
while we were out shopping.
So we had told Aaron that he needed to go pick it up at our lunch break at work.
This tree is MASSIVE!
It makes the baby's little nursery look like a jungle along with HERBERT (our life size giraffe)

You should have seen Aaron's face when I showed him which one we had picked out.
hahaha he goes "Wait, honey I have to fit that in my car?"
I just give him my little smile and he knows it's what I want him to do.

My husband is such a trooper and good sport,
So we drove home like this.
I couldn't even see his face from the passenger seat. haha

 At least it looks so good in the room!!!
Haha Thank you sweetheart.

#3. I know what will make you go into labor.
I accidently thought that the red pepper flakes had a stopper,
turns out it doesn't,
and I poured half the bottle on my piece of pizza.
This was last weekend and we didn't have the crib yet-
so Aaron wouldn't let me take a bite and risk sending my body into shock and labor.
However now that we have the crib and the baby has somewhere to sleep
- I may or may not try it this weekend hahaha

#4. So sad olympics are over.

#5. Did anyone else feel the urge to clean and scrub every little corner of your house when you are pregnant?? Our house will not have one ounce of dust when this baby gets here.

#6. Ever tried mixing Fruitloops and Apple Jacks together!?
It's my new favorite combination.
In fact, I'm eating an overflowing bowl of them as I'm typing this.
Good to know every fruitloop I eat is going straight to the babes haha.

#6. I'm in the process of packing my diaper bag and hospital bag!
Aaron told me it needs to be ready by tonight. haha little worrier!
Any must needs or "wishes they would have had" for the hospital!?
Thank you all for your sweet comments and advice!
I love it all!
Happy happy tuesday!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Oh my gosh I loved this post. You are too adorable! Hope baby comes soon!!! :)

    1. I hope so too! You are such a sweetheart! thank you!!

  2. And you thought my nursery was cute?! Yours is amazing!! And 6 miles?! I can't even walk around the grocery store without major pains from baby! I'm following you now!

  3. hope youre doing great mamma! your nursery looks adorable too! xo


    1. Thank you sweet girl! We are so excited! have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. I packed the diaper bag and most of my hospital bag today too! Talk about getting inpatient! :) the nursery is so cute! You will love having a cozy place for him....cuz lets be honest, you'll be in that room a lot! My favorite favorite favorite thing I had at the hospital was a light weight bathrobe. I got mine frm VS. its light weight and hits my knee so it covers garments :) but it was so nice having that to put over my hospital gown when visitors came or I wanted to go to the nursery. The hospital gowns have open pockets in the front so it's easy to nurse...so it was nice to have something to cover up with. And it was easy to wear/open when I was ready to nurse.
    If you have any questions or anything, shoot me an email:) good luck to you! Most likely your babe will be making his enterence before mine does...which makes me sooo jealous!! :)

  5. You poor thing!!! And seriously - you look phenomenal for being 37 weeks pregnant. I need to do whatever your doing (minus the baby)... :)


  6. that nursery is so freaking cute! One thing I was so glad I had was a 'night time' bra. In case you don't already have one, it looks like a cotton sports bra (you can get them at motherhood maternity). It's so nice to wear the first couple of months when you're engorged and breast feeding at night. life saver!

    1. Thank you!! That is so helpful! I would have never thought of that! xo

  7. You are the cutest preggo ever!!

  8. I loved this post. Sometimes you just need to cry, and it's okay! The nursery is SO CUTE! Love it.

  9. You're so close!! Sounds like you're nesting with all the cleaning you're doing. The nursery looks amazing by the way! So many cute animal details. Good job.

    1. Haha yes I will be excited to see if it happens to you too! You are getting there girl! xoxo

  10. I love the crib and nursery theme! Great job!!

  11. You look amazing and the nursery is adorable! I LOVE Herbert, he is too cute and your little man will LOVE it ;)

  12. You are looking so cute!!! Nursery looks amazing!!!! Don't worry I cry alot too these days...:)

    1. Thank you Charissa!! So glad someone else gets emotional too:) xo

  13. don't forget slippers for the hospital cause after birth you will be too sore to bend over and tie shoes and plus slippers are more comfertable

  14. Adorbs!! The babies room is too cute!


  15. What a fun post! You are the cutest ever! And that room...adorable!

  16. I just did a 'red mango' search and discovered I have to leave the state to find one! :( bummer. that parfait looks incredible!