The time I almost went into labor because of a frog... and a quick weekend review:)

So lately there have been a lot of "put togethers"
haha my husband says he needs the handy man award now.
Putting together the babies beautiful bassinet!

So Friday night we decided to go swimming.
I was dying of heat and needed to not feel pregnant for an hour or so.
So we headed to Aaron's pool.
Little did we know we were about to have an adventure.
This picture is for you to see that my 38 week pregnant belly is about to POP.
haha Good thing I have NO maternity tank top,
pretty sure this one is stretched for life.
INTRODUCING Freddie our almost frog.
As we are relaxing and enjoying the pool.....
In jumps Freddie.- Dead serious, this is a true story.
Huge splash and there he was swimming around us.
Of course, I freak out.
I'm screaming- and screaming.
Husband is worried I will go into labor because of shock,
he is trying to calm my breathing, as I'm almost hyperventilating 
because this guy was FAST!
He torpedoed through the water, and he was a pretty decent size frog.
Finally Aaron caught him with the net -it was a wild 10 minutes. and set him free.
I was pooled out after that and was scared to death that little Freddie's family would be jumping in the pool too soon,
so we headed home.

We spent all of Saturday on a date.
Those are the best days ever.
We knew it could be our last without a baby so we lived it up.
I took my massive basketball and put on my stretchy pants,
(ladies- stretchy pants and leggings are the key to being comfortable these days)
and I was ready to go.
We ate at our favorite restaurant in the world-
Cheesecake Factory.
Side note: Neither Aaron or I like cheesecake... so no that's not why we go there.
We are just obsessed with this restaurant.
Our waiter made us look each other in the eyes and do a romantic picture because he said 
"these kind of pictures get awkward once you have kids." hahaha
(as he notices I'm about to pop)
Of course we had to get red mango,
p.s. We got our rocker!!!! Looks like there is "assembly" which Aaron is thrilled about. haha
so it will be up and ready soon,
and I think you will have to beg me to not sit in it 24/7.
Today's put together was the carseat.
You should have seen my cute husband as he was practicing buckling it up.
As we were driving to church this morning.
Tears came to my eyes... which is nothing new lately..
but it hit me that this could be our last sunday together without a baby.
awww. so bitter sweet.
You can tell Aaron has been studying his little heart out with law school this week because
I finished drawing the babes sign!!!
Haha because our little one will be able to read right out of the womb:)
(P.S. So glad you get to see inside our pantry... Too bad you can't see the 20 boxes of fruitloops and cereal on top- that is my life diet these days)
This is now hanging on his bedroom door.
 This bottom picture would be us vacationing in hawaii in a few years hahaha
just in case he wanted to see that.
 The weekend was perfect.
We enjoyed every minute of it.
Love my sweet husband and little peanut inside of me.
I feel so blessed.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. awe you guys are adorable. Good luck with the labor!

  2. You guys are so cute! I love reading your blog!

  3. Very cute! as usual ;) Very excited to see you little guy when he comes into the world =) Really enjoy the last few days cuz it really is never the same! Take a few more dates with your hubby! I haven't had one in months! Unless going fishing with my hubby with my dad-in-law

    P.S. you really are blessed in so many ways =) you sweet woman you.

  4. So excited for you guys I can hardly stand it! Yay little babies!! :)

  5. You're so adorable, little mumma! Can't wait to meet your little one :)

    P.S. Love ya blog

  6. You guys are just the cutest!!!! I can't wait to meet your little guy!

  7. You guys have been busy getting ready for sweet little man's arrival! You are just the cutest momma look beautiful! I wish I could make a sign that neat...Baby will surely love it :)

  8. I'm getting excited FOR you!!! Those "lasts" sure are sentimental, aren't they? Baby boy's room looks awesome!!! Also, I want to suggest man food for your hospital bag. Labor gets long for the hubby and he won't want to leave your side, so having something for him to snack on helps a lot.

  9. precious. :) I bet you'll be happy you documented these last few days when it's just the two of you!

  10. So happy for you two! Y'all are going to be the CUTEST mommy and daddy ever!! Love the baby bassinet. Praying everything goes well!