37.7 weeks pregnant, top 5 things I will miss, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

#1. Only at 37.7 weeks pregnant do you get to Try and balance a waterbottle on your belly in your spare time.
(it's actually quite entertaining, put a basketball under your shirt- you should try it sometime)

#2. Wade in the pool with swollen feet.
I have been lucky to only be swollen once this whole pregnancy- drink lots of water and do lots of walking pregnant ladies!- IT WORKS.
The one time I remember being swollen was after our 9 hour plane ride home from Hawaii at about 26 weeks pregnant.
Other than that I have felt good!
However, yesterday something kicked in, after I went for a little walk
 and my feet got a little swollen.
SO I waded in the pool for a couple hours.

#3. Only at 37.7 weeks pregnant can you Eat fruitloops for dinner and not even feel bad about it.

#4. I got this email to my phone today from Baby ap.
It was titled-
Things you thought you would never say...
"Let me just finish this can of frosting."
"Would you mind tying my shoes?"
"Honey, does my belly look too small to you??"

#5. Only at 37.7 weeks pregnant would we spend our date night activity assembling the carseat and stroller.

Oh the joys of being pregnant.
Aaron keeps asking if it feels real that I will only be pregnant for (at most) 2 more weeks-
(until of course I'm pregnant again... which will be a little while---
and in the WINTER! ha in case you were not aware)
I honestly kind of forgot what it feels like not to have a belly.
The uncomfortable-ness and unexcitement of maternity clothes makes it hard to look for the good in being pregnant at this point.

So I tried really hard to come up with 5 things I will miss from this process.
(It was a lot harder than I thought- haha)
(don't get me started on the things I am looking forward to)

Top 5 things I will miss.
#1. Feeling him move- I really will miss this. It's become my very favorite thing.
(this goes along with hearing his heartbeat- sweetest experience ever)
#2. I won't have an excuse to go to red mango almost every day.
#3. I will miss having the excuse to eat for two
#4. Eating pizza and fruitloops whenever I feel like it.
#5. Having an excuse to not do ab workouts.

hahaha notice 3 of the 5 are geared towards eating.
That has been a definite joy in this process.

In all seriousness,
I'm just ready to hold my baby, and kiss him a million bajillion times.

Happy Friday Everyone!
I don't know about where you are,
but here it's a whoppin 96 degrees (which I'm convinced feels like 128 degrees being pregnant) 
with high percentages of humidity,
which means date night tonight will consist of getting in the pool, and ice cream...
(and probably cheese pizza haha- with lots of red pepper in hoping it will send me into labor)
Could be our last Friday without a little one!? ahhhh
crossing our fingers he decides to come soon!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to let you know that I am so excited for you! I will have to check back to see pictures of your sweet boy! Good luck with delivery and you will be a great mom!

    1. Awww Thank you Jordan! you are a sweetheart! I hope you are loving the new married life! Soon you will be in this same spot:) It's the best! xoxo

  2. Too Cute Karina.....I'm so excited for you!

    Laurie W

  3. Almost there! The only piece of advice that really helped me for the hospital stay is to remember to take care of self. You will be pretty exhausted after little one is born, and you will want to spend every second with him...which is completely understandable! What helped me, and this is only what I considered best for us, is for the amount of time I was at the hospital the nurses took care of him at night because in order for me to take care of him during the day, plus once getting home I needed to recharge and recover, plus it was absolutely essential for me to get some rest for milk production. Once I got my milk I pumped and told the nurses to give him only my milk and not formula. This was extremely hard as I felt guilty, but I knew that once we where home I wouldn't have this opportunity to recover, it helped a ton! Also, either bring your pump or ask if the hospital has one as I got my milk while at the hospital and it was partially because I kept pumping when little one wasn't eating to stimulate. Best of luck for you and your family this is def exciting!

    1. That was perfect advice! thank you so so much! Every little bit helps because I feel so clueless! I hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

    2. Not a problem! Yep becoming a mom does that to you haha but really really you do know more than you think you do:)

  4. Happy Friday! Stay cool. I love the first picture!

  5. You are SO close!!!! I'm sorry you had swolen feet :( that can't be fun. You are such a gorgeous momma!! I can't wait to see pictures of your precious little man.

    I hear you on the whole eating thing...isn't it great to indulge whenever you want and just say "Baby wants it". Too bad it can't be that way all the time!

    Hope y'all have a great date night! I was at Jason's Deli in the Woodlands yesterday and thought of you. Do you ever go there? It's so yummy!

    1. You are such a sweetheart! LOVE the eating part! And Jason's Deli!? We haven't even been there since we have lived here, but I do love that place! I need to get your number and if you are ever close you should let me know!! xo

  6. The good news is that if you choose to breastfeed you still will be eating for two! and you loose weight like crazy when you breastfeed so if your like me you don't even feel bad about eating everything in site! Im more hungry now than ever but I am still loosing weight. The bad news is baby might not like everything you like...for example Liam screams if I even think about having chocolate. So sad but they are worth it!

    1. haha Ok Janae! that is what I hear! And yes I totally plan on breastfeeding, so I'm glad to hear the eating for two continues! Thank you! P.s. how cute is your son!? oh my goodness!

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog. I love this! Makes me want to start my own. I always laugh at people who get married/start a family so young but you seem so happy and ready for all this. You gained a reader out of me :) & you're so positive about everything!

    1. You are such a sweetheart!! Aww thank you! You totally should:) xoxo

  8. Hey there. I found your blog from Kayla Powell's blog, and I've loved reading it. You are seriously so beautiful and you look so healthy! I'm curious if you will share your secrets. Please do! I would love details - like what kinds of foods you eat, are you a calorie counter/tracker, lots of protein, no carbs after 2pm, no food after dinner, what kinds of workouts, etc? haha! Crazy questions from a semi-blog-stalker. don't judge. :) Sorry! I just look at girls like you and think, "they have got to be doing something different than me!" THANKS!!!

    1. Hi sweet girl! Oh gosh, you are so sweet. I definitely don't do anything too special. I would love to do a few posts on that in the near future! Thank you for the input! Hope your having a wonderful week! xoxo