6 Weeks!!

Ryan would like to announce...
that he is 6 weeks OLD!!!!
You tell them babe!

Some days go like this..
(yes, this was yesterday... a sad day for little one-)
but most days go like
(He is starting to smile more!! FAVORITE thing EVER.)

At the ripe age of 6 weeks,
Tummy time is a must each day.

Mommy can't go anywhere without her new found purse (diaper bag)
Ryan is really good about needing a diaper change every 20 minutes;)

He slept 5 1/2 hours straight last night!
5 1/2 HOURS!
WHAT THE!?? go little one go!
My body woke up, looked at the time and was like, "Aaron! Where's the baby!?"
(You moms will know how delusional your body gets in the middle of the night haha)

He is awake a lot more in the day!
So Ryan's nap time has turned into 
"mommy clean the house, work out, shower, and make dinner fast".. TIME

Because every minute he is awake, 
I'm "gooing and gawing" in his face.
What can I say...I'm obsessed!

Ryan saw his first presidential debate.
He clearly loved it by only crying through half of it:)
ALSO added fact...
I would bet you a million bucks Ryan can beat you in a staring contest.
This kid never blinks.. I love those beautiful eyes!

No one loves bath time more than Ryan.
Each night Aaron and I give him a bath.
If your not careful he pees in the tub, hahaha
and you have to start all over! so sometimes you have to be fast!
Last night we put Ryan in his robe for the first time after his bath hahaha
(It's been a little big, so it finally- kinda fits)
 He wasn't sure if he liked it.
 Then he decided "Yes, this is cool, I like this.."
 Happy baby.
 Then Aaron stood him up and said he looked like a JED-I from starwars hahaha
That's when he lost it.
He didn't like that.
The robe was on for about 2 minutes.

Ryan LOVES his swing.
We wrap him in his little ca coon, give him a binky and he's good to go!

Ryan is now my RUNNING buddy.
He just flexes his little feet and kicks, and loves being outside.
(I don't think I could love his little feet any more. I could kiss them all day!)

Look at the onesie my mother in law gave him hahaha

Little one is a happy baby!
He has his fussy times, but overall is just happy.
Loves to be held and cuddled,
and I don't think I could ask for a cuter playmate all day.
He's my best buddy.

TONIGHT, little one is going to grandmas,
(which might make me tear up when we drop him off!)
and I'm going on a date with this handsome man!
Happy Friday!! xoxo
Happy 6 weeks to my little angel! I love you!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Holy smokes - you guys are so cute! And you have the CUTEST little baby ever!

    1. You are such a sweetheart!! I didn't know you were a photographer?!?! Love your pictures!!!

  2. Awwww happy 6 weeks, Mister Ryan!! He is SO precious, Karina! Love that sweet little smile.

    1. Thank you sweet girl! Your getting so do close!! I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. Your little man is absolutely beautiful! He is such a handsome little man I can't get over it. He looks like a happy little baby, Im sure that has everything to do with his momma loving on him all day! I love that our boys are just a few days apart in age. I read your posts and then it's almost like my little Noah has the same little milestones! He's starting to be awake for longer durations during the day, and he's also started cooing a little bit too. Its like he's talking to us I just melt. :)

    1. Melts my heart! I love that they are so close in age! Noah is so handsome! Im so sad they are growing so fast!!

  4. So stinkin cute! And you look fabulous Karina!

  5. dang. why can't we live closer so our boys can play?! oh, and so we can run together! :) ps-Ryan is definitely a lady killer already!

    1. Seriously! You little one is a doll! And I need a running buddy!!

  6. We habe matching diaper bags! I love it :) And your sweet baby boy is so beautiful. Congratulations!