Utah Part 2.

We headed back from St. George,
and went to Ryan's first BYU football game!
He loved it.
He slept like a little angel for most of it.

Although we didn't win... it was so fun.
I grew up going to every game.
It made me miss being a BYU student!!!
Luckily my family has seats and we can go whenever we are in Utah.
(Next year they play TEXAS at BYU. Yayy)

We headed up to our cabin right after the game!
Fall is so beautiful in those mountains!!
 Mac book pictures with the babe!
 Little megs! love her.
 Giving Ryan a bath in our kitchen sink! ha
 He LOVES his baths with grandpa!
Love all my boys!
Lauren was everywhere with little Ryan.
Hence why I have lots of pictures of her holding him.
She did not want to put him down.
Ryan was so spoiled.

Sunday my cousin was being blessed in church and we headed down the mountain to see it.
2 of my aunts just had babies!
The baby on the very left is one month older than Ryan,
and the baby on the right is 2 weeks younger than Ryan.
So fun that they are so close in age.
They are somehow related... second cousins?? not sure how that all works out.
We put all 3 of them on the couch,
and it was hysterical.
My darling Grandparents with their 2 new grandchildren and very first GREAT grandchild!
My happy baby! I love him!
We ended Sunday with Aaron showing us that he can hula hoop,
and taking Aaron to the airport to go back to school:(

I stayed the rest of the week,
and got to watch this pretty girl cheer!

On Thursday my parents and brothers flew to Southbend Indiana,
for the Noter Dame vs. BYU football game.
So I got to be mommy for a day to these cuties!
So we hung out with Ryan every second
Ryan was so spoiled all week!
He never got put down!
In fact, he had a line of people to hold him.
We had to "take turns".
Loved every minute of being home with my family,
but I missed my sweet husband,
and Ryan missed his daddy so we were ready to give him a big kiss when we got off that plane!

Aaron picked us up from the airport and took me straight to chipotle and red mango.
BEST. husband.ever

Karina Marie Powell

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  1. Karina, you have got the cutest family! Looks like you guys are always having so much fun. As always, Ryan is adorable :)