Ryan is 2 months old!!!

 This little peanut is 2 months old!
I can't believe it's already been 2 months.
He is growing too fast!
Alright, Ryan is the KING of blowouts.
(one day he will be embarrassed I told you this)
I don't know what it is -
but 2 months hit and it gave him a green light to blow out once a day.
Making it so mommy and daddy give him 2 baths per day.
This picture was a 4 AM blow out,
that turned into Ryan peeing on daddy when he was changing him,
and not too long after he spit up all over mommy,
so it was an early bath for us all!

We took Ryan to the doctor to get his 2 month old check up!
As soon as we get into the doctor's office- BOOM- blow out. All over.
Of course... right in front of the nurse. 
Way to make an impression sweetheart.
Once he was changed- he was as happy as a bee.
He weighed in at a solid 12.4 pounds-
60th Percentile for weight
(I must be eating a feeding him really well!- he's really bulking up haha)
and was 24 inches long! -
Putting him in the 83rd percentile for height.
The doctor said he is very long and lean.
I guess he has a small head?? He was in the 25 Percentile for his head circumference haha

After he was weighed and measured,
it was time for his shots.
I knew I was going to cry.
My poor baby!
He was so happy- kicking away and gooing at the nurse.
Poor little one had no idea what was coming.
(warning- this next picture will break your heart!)
 3 shots later- oh my goodness he was so sad.
My heart was breaking and I shed a few tears.
If anyone ever hurts this little boy in the future- I will beat you up.. seriously.
My poor baby!
(P.S. look at those thighs! He's got a little roll! Oh my gosh I'm in love!)

Some people say their babies handle shots really well- and are back to normal 30 minutes after-
not our little one.
He has been so fussy, and I have not put him down since... he just wants to be held and cuddled.

He found out that he can make noises.
He's a little talker!
He always seems to have something to tell me.

He discovered he can grab something but doesn't know how to let go!
haha he held this toy for about 15 minutes before I pried his hand open to let go.
It was so funny.. He just stared like "what the"

I will feed him about 9:30 or 10 PM
and he will go until about 4:30 or 5 AM! yayy!
It's been a work in progress but he is doing so well!

His smile melts me!!
We are still lovers of tummy time, mommy's milk, bath time, and cuddle naps.
He is growing like a weed.
and we love him more than anything in the world!

Karina Marie Powell

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  1. Ryan is so handsome, cute, and adorable! I'm so happy for yall! GO TEXAS! haha!