Ryan's Blessing Weekend.

Ryan and I picked up my parents from the airport on Friday,
I love having a little buddy everywhere I go.
I'm never bored.
 My sweet little boy ready for a bath.
 Bath time.
Ryan's favorite part of the day!

Ryan took his very first bottle on Saturday.
I think I called the boys 5 times to make sure he was doing ok.
It was the longest I have ever left him!
My mom and I spent Saturday shopping 
and I had pumped a bottle of breast milk and gave it to the boys for Ryan.
Great Grandma Spencer (Aaron's grandma) fed him the second time.:)
P.S. My pump is the best thing EVER. It makes things so convenient!
Of course, Ryan did so good. Didn't even phase him!

Church on Sunday was perfect.
Ryan has the greatest sets of grandparents.
Love them so much.
He is definitely mommy's little boy.
Oh my goodness he has stolen my heart!
Aaron's sweet grandparents.
They were able to meet Ryan for the first time. So so sweet.
The group:)
Our sweet good family friends Hans and Erika were able to come!
Love them both.
P.S. She is due with a little one in February!
Ryan is thrilled about a little playmate,
I talk to him about it all the time:)
Ryan's blessing day was absolutely perfect.
He is the sweetest little thing,
and probably the most loved spoiled little boy on earth:)
My parents were here for the weekend.
I'm so grateful for a wonderful husband and family.
Aaron did amazing.
Love my family!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Ahhh he is so adorable!!
    What pump do you have? I've been thinking of getting one!!!

    1. It's the Medela! Lex I LOVE it! It took five minutes in the car to pump, and if he doesn't eat enough at a feeding I just pump the rest. I have so much milk in the freezer! It's so convenient! I can't get over little Ellie. She is so darling!

  2. So me and my roommate will totally babysit for you!! For free! Even though we live in Colorado and that's sort of far away. :)

    1. hahaha awww you are such a doll! I'm sure Ryan would LOVE that! xo

  3. You are SO beautiful! He is so adorable!:)

    1. Aww You are such a sweetheart, and too nice! Thank you!

  4. These are the BEST pictures. He is such a cutie. and YES! They are going to be best, best friends. I can't wait :)

  5. Blessing weekends are the best! It's so fun for family to come! And I love my pump but the only person who has been able to get Holland to take a bottle is my mom and she lives really far away! Dang it! Haha. Do you just use the bottles that come with the pump?

  6. I was only saying to my hubby yesterday that I can't wait for our little one to take a bottle. It will make things so much easier.

    How great for you to have so many family round - looks like a great time!