Ryan's first plane ride and Utah with the Fam Part 1

Thursday night Ryan and I picked Aaron up from law school and off to the airport we went.
We made it on the plane with this little peanut.
He was a little angel- sleeping away.
I fed him on the way up to keep his little ears from popping.
But as soon as we got up in the air.. BOOM.
Blow out.
I was already nervous of him being fussy but I didn't plan for this.
haha no extra onesie. (newbie mom right there)
Other than the blow out of a century..
Ryan did great!
We made it to SLC and had to catch our connecting flight to St. George.

-It was my siblings fall break and they had gone down to St. George a few days earlier to stay at a condo in Entrada.
It's such a beautiful resort! (If you have ever seen high school musical 2- haha that's where it's filmed!)
 Aaron and I only had one day there!
But we did everything we could in that quick 24 hours!
The boys golfed.
 We played pickle ball.
It's like a live ping pong table.

 This is what happens when I forget a swimsuit coverup-
Aaron's sweatsuit.
Our double-jointed family haha I know.. It's bad!

Oh how I have missed them!
After a day of fun,
we headed to Provo to Ryan's first BYU football game and then to Heber to stay at our cabin.
Fall is beautiful in Utah right now!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Looks like y'all had a blast! Glad you guys survived the blowout :)... Too funny! I LOVE fall in Utah...it's beautiful!

  2. You are sooo thin and look amazing ALREADY!! I want to be you. And my family plays LOTS of pickle ball. We love it.