5 things from the weekend.

#1. I think I may have mentioned this before but my baby is obsessed with pb&js.
When in doubt, make a pb&j.
I don't think I ever go somewhere without taking one with us "just in case".
So if you ever see me holding a plastic baggy in a picture, you know what it is.

#2. This weekend we drove to Austin to see my beautiful niece!
 Ok, so Aaron doesn't have any siblings but she is basically family and I call her my niece anyway. I am obsessed with her and Ryan loves her.

#3. Um, I don't even think this picture needs words.
HANDS DOWN The best taco I have ever put in my mouth.
If you are ever in Texas go to TORCHY TACOS. This was Blackened salmon taco heaven.

#4. So I am one of those people that CRAVE a really really hard workout.
Ha well our family friends took us to run around the lake downtown Austin on Saturday morning and Aaron ran me into the ground.
We pulled a really quick 6 miler (and it wasn't the milage that was the problem)
At least someone was feeling good after the run.
What the!
YOU live the life little one!

#5. Don't mind Ryan over there combin his hair. 
The little babes had bath time together. 
It was all fun and games and then ended abruptly when Ryan pooped in the tub. 
No I'm not joking.
ha he has never pulled that off before. 
Well done little one.

Oh and a #6 just because I had to share.
I think we ALL need this in our house.
Our family friends have this in their kitchen and seriously, how can you see this every morning and NOT have a good day??

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! xo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Why is that French fry saying....the best one ever?! So cute


  2. Could you two be any cuter?!?