A really good BICEP workout.

Lets first start with this attractive photo.
Todays agenda was weights with the husband before he went to work.
This is how I feel about weights.

I have mentioned this before but I am not a weights lover.
Lets really emphasize the NOT.
You wanna know why??
Because I am terrible at them.
(funny how we like the things we are good at ha)

In fact I told my husband when I met him "Weights make girls bulky".
I think I made myself think that just for an excuse not to do them.
Boy was that just the farthest thing from the truth.

I thought the way to lose weight and stay small was to run yourself into the ground with cardio.
(I was so smart back then:))

Turns out that way gets you no where,
and your body will actually start plateauing making it so you don't burn near the amount of calories or fat.

It's important to add variety in your workouts to burn those calories and fat. 

My husband made a deal with me when we met,
"I will go run with you whenever you want,
IF I can teach you how to lift weights".

So that's my story.
Now I'm a true believer.
And I'm hooked.
And even though I may still lift 5 pounders and 8 pounders (after 3 years)
I have improved a lot.
So if I can do it.... anyone can do it.

Depending on how buff you are you can determine the poundage ha.
We won't talk about how much my husband does because it makes me a little depressed picking up my 8 pounds.

Start down and then go half way up.
That is ONE rep.
Repeat 7 times. Going from bottom to half way up.

Then start half way up and go ALL the way up.
Do that 7 times.
Only from HALF WAY to the TOP.

Do that 7 times.

21 reps total. (hence why it's called "21")
I use 8 pounds and I usually do this rotation 2 times.

Your biceps should burn by the end.
Now all you crossfitters and intense weight lifters. -GOOD WORK!
I don't know if I could ever be you. ha

The hubs gets a nice 7 mile run tomorrow for putting me through a grueling weight and squat workout today.:) Because let me tell you, I would MUCH RATHER go hit the pavement then lift a weight.

Happy Friday! and Happy toning!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You are ripped girlfriend!!! Nice job! I lift tinier weights too...don't wanna get all bulky ;)

  2. Ok so I have a question. Do you take any protein or anything? Because I will lift weights for MONTHS AND MONTHS and see no results. I will work my bum off too! I never let myself hit a plateau. So tell me your secrets, dear friend. Do you take protein? Or simply lift weights and that's it?

    1. Hi sweet girl! No, I actually don't take protein.. my husband does but I just can't stomach it, ha I'm not a fan! But I believe you!- It can be so frustrating. I eat pretty healthy and do lots and lots of cardio, so I think that might help. I will do a post! xo

  3. HOLY MOLY I thought those were fake arms

  4. Looking good mama! I'll definitely have to try that bicep workout. I hate working out arms. If it were up to me, I would just do abs and legs.

  5. What do you use to edit your pictures? What kind of camera do you use?