A really good football game and the rest of our week.

We got all ready for the game and it was absolutely beautiful outside.
We spent so much time trying to find everyone sunglasses for the game, because we thought we would be so hot.

Little did we know we would almost die in a storm to come... (ok not really but it was crazy!)
We had dinner before the game in the cougar tent,
and just as we were about to go take our seats for the game,
a huge black cloud appeared.
And boom.
Crazy rain, wind, and flooding!
It was insane!

We thought the tent was going to blow over.
We jumped in line and bought the last 10 ponchos and my mom and mother in law stocked up on sweatshirts for us.
The game was delayed 2 hours until the storm cleared.

But we waited it out and it turned out to be the sweetest game.

The rain had stopped but I think we were all too cold to take our ponchos off.

We met up with some of our best friends from college.
They have the cutest little boy Ryder and he is only 2 weeks apart from Ryan!
Our husbands roomed together and played sports at BYU so we are hoping the same for the babes:)

They live in Colorado but came up for the game.
Miss you guys!

Anyways BYU beat Texas.
And even though my in-laws are huge Texas fans, they were still pretty happy about it:)
(Good thing we won or the day would have been a disaster!)

Get ready for a really random group of pictures from our week.

Church goes a little something like this these days.
Oh and we got to go to church with my daddio at BYU. Brought back lots of memories:)

I met up with my good friend from highschool and this is her darling daughter Elle.
She is a doll.
Ryan will one day realize the girl is more important than the football.


(sorry picture was taken before my mom and I's run)

Get ready for the saddest news EVER!
I am allegeric to my wedding ring.
I didn't even know that was possible!
I broke out in an intense rash on my wedding finger after I had Ryan, and it just keeps getting worse and spreading!
My finger bleeds and itches like crazy 24/7.

So this last week my mom got me into the dermatologist and they stuck like 30 patches on my back.
After keeping them on for 48 hours my back became enflamed. (OBVIOUSLY- most sensitive skin EVER)
So I guess I need to go to a jeweler and figure out what to do.
I think I need to get it dipped??
So sad!

I've mentioned that my parents are building.
It's only like 2 miles away from the current house I grew up in
but look how pretty the mountains are.
We spent a lot of time at this lot.

Oh and Ryan and I got to see this pretty sister of mine cheer!

And she is pretty fun to watch.:)

It's always bitter sweet leaving but as soon as we got off that airplane and Ryan saw his daddy,
he yelled "dada!!" it was the cutest thing ever.
Thanks for the perfect week. Love this family of mine!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Omg, the same thing happened after I had Lincoln. My dr said it was a hormonal reaction to not being pregnant. Ha. But unfortunately it never got better when I was pregnant with Winn. And now I have this crazy reaction on both of my hands..and now under my finger nails. My hands are so sensitive now, bumpy, itchy, red and nasty. Let me know if you find a cure!

    1. Oh my gosh! Jami! That's terrible! You poor thing! I totally know that feeling so my heart breaks for you! Ok so my dermatologist prescribed me some steroid cream that seems to be working.. It's still pretty dry but getting much much better. I can message you with what it's called if you would like!? I will let you know if I come up with anything else. I'm happy to know it's not just me that broke out in some hypertensive disease! ha xo

  2. um. that sounds like a wedding ring NIGHTMARE!!

    also, that rainy day in provo was CRAZY!

    also, your family is all models.

  3. looks like you guys have had an awesome fun filled weekend! xo


  4. I became allergic to my weddings rings too (white gold) I have the same reactions as you describe plus bumps on my finger. They said its the nickel in the white gold as well as the rodium the ring is dipped in. I have to get my rings re-set in platinum with is hypoallergenic.

  5. I'm allergic to my wedding rings too (white gold). I have to get mine re-set in platinum...which is hypoallergenic.