Labor Day, Utah, and a few other random things.

Don't we all wish every day was Labor Day?

We had a really good one over here.
We spent the day at the pool. Soaking in our last days of summer.
(Even though Aaron had criminal law books to read, at least he spent the whole day at home!)
And ended the day at Cheesecake Factory with my in-laws going into food heaven.
Their BBQ chicken pizza is the best thing on earth. Trust me.

Ryan was on cloud nine all day. Daddy is his favorite playmate.

I had a total "Proud MOMMY MOMENT".
Just a few days after his first birthday he found his "ear" and "mouth".
My little smarty pants!
If you follow me on INSTAGRAM I posted a cute little video of it.
I was so excited about it I almost cried. ha

So my in-laws, hubs, baby, and I boarded a plane last Thursday night to Utah for the Texas VS. BYU football game.
Ok, we really really like football, but
The game was a really good excuse to hang out for a weekend in the mountains.:)

We headed to my parents cabin in Heber.
Talk about the most beautiful weather ever.
BBQing up there is the best.

It's pretty cool when you can go run 5.5 miles with your parents, husband AND in-laws.
Good thing we can all keep up with each other:)
We have done this countless times and one day I promise I will get a picture of all 6 of us at 6:45 AM.

Have I ever told you how much Ryan loves the trampoline?
Well he is obsessed.
My siblings can sit on there with him forever and he is in heaven.

Can't be a night without roasting smores in the backyard.
Oh and I'm probably the worst smores roaster ever.
See that black thing-
 that would be my marshmallow after the 4th time it caught on fire.
My mom's is the perfect white golden one right across from mine.

So Ryan has the birthday that just never ends.
(I have a feeling it will be like this always ha)
My family had to have him open their birthday presents.
And Ryan scored.

Check out his new ride!
Thanks grandma and grandpa for all my new toys!

He cruised around our house all day on this thing.

We were in the cougar tent when the death storm hit in Provo. I'm just going to call it a hurricane.
It was insane.
Good thing we got enough rain ponchos before they sold out of them.
Best football game.ever.

Lots more to come on this trip when I get home.

 I'm still in Utah but I fly to Houston tomorrow.
Currently loving this "fallish" weather here! Utah is gorgeous in the fall.
Everyone should visit these mountains at least once in their lifetime!

P. S. Does flying with a baby ever get any easier!?
I am not a fan of flying alone! (even though with Aaron having to get back to school, it seems like I do it all the time) Wish us luck and pray the people next to us don't hate us too much:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Okay so you definitely have the cutest family ever.

  2. The storm was crazy!! At least I was in the blue room or I would have been freaking out...

  3. THat storm was insane! Glad I wasn't there for it, but it was well documented by my friends !

  4. Great pictures and yes, we need labor day every week...gotta have more 3-day weekends! We too went to Cheesecake Factory last week, omg heaven!

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