We hit 26 weeks in Hawaii.
So I had to take a picture.
Naturally I'm in my swimsuit.. We were in them for most of the trip.
I found my eyes glued to all the little babies in the pools.
I feel like it all hit this week.
The back aches, the tiredness, being uncomfortable... I felt really pregnant.
The only time I feel weightless, without the 10 extra pounds I'm carrying,
 is in the water.
So luckily there was a lot of that and a lot of pool swimming.
The longest run I did in Hawaii was 5.25 miles on the treadmill.
I ran at a pretty fast pace with inclines and felt awesome, 
However, the next day we went on a 4 mile run outside and my back started aching.
I got a couple cramps throughout it..
I think it's the extra weight my body isn't used to,
and also running on the pavement.. It's so hard for me.
We took it slow.
I can feel my body changing each day.
I still crave fruit like crazy, and in Hawaii all I wanted was that shaved ice!
The pineapple was the best thing on this earth!
I was in heaven.
Aaron and I  have his name picked out, which is huge for us!
But we are keeping it a secret until he is born.
Mostly because I might change my mind, knowing me.
ha but we are so excited to hold this little one.
It is all feeling so real!
Bathroom breaks are still a daily/nightly occurrence.
He moves all the time, his kicks are getting stronger.
I love feeling him move.
That is my favorite part about pregnancy.
He is 14 inches long! Meaning he only has about 5 more inches to grow until he is fully grown for birth.
So crazy.
I still sometimes can't believe it.
I am trying to take it all in and love the process.
Aaron loves feeling him kick each night when we go to bed.
He gets wild at night.
I love it.
My cute husband is so proud to tell people he is going to be a dad.
It's the cutest thing.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. oh gosh, you make pregnancy flawless! how are you able to run so much! i can't even do that now, and i'm not even pregnant. wonder woman right here :)
    xo TJ

    1. Oh my goodness farthest thing from that! you are the biggest sweetheart! xoxo

  2. Seriously that is like the most petite bump ever-so cute! Way to keep running---I did almost until the end, no easy thing, but it does make you feel better right? So jealous of this vacation---looks like a fantastic time!

    1. Thank you hun! I still don't know how you did it to the end. I might give out! It was so fun thank you! xo

  3. I am so happy for you. I love your posts!

    1. :) you're such a sweetheart! thank you! we are so excited.

  4. i don't even know you (yet) but i just love you! you and your husband- your life is PERFECT! ah, i can't get over it. love love love.

    1. Ok your blog is darling! I love it!! YOU are darling!