ALOHA... Part 5- The Napali Coast

We took a catamaran along the Napali Coast.  It was absolutely STUNNING.
I fell in love with this place on our honeymoon,
and it is Aaron's families favorite place to come visit.
There were dolphins everywhere! Swimming along side our boat.
We were in the front for most of it, but moved to the back when it got really windy and the waves got pretty big. My inlaws were afraid for my pregnant self.
It looks fake it's so beautiful!!
 SO pretty.
 Aaron held me so tight the whole time. The boat was so rocking so hard with the wind,
and we were not going slow!
The Napali Coast is one of my favorite places on earth!

This hotel had a little slide from pool to pool too!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. stunning photos! love the dolphins.

  2. okay girl... where did you get all your dang cute swimsuits! loving them all :)