I don't know what happened,
but my body all of the sudden flipped a switch when that third trimester hit at 28 weeks.
My body is exhausted all the time.
29.5 weeks!!

1. People ask how pregnancy is..
it really is just like watching your belly turn into a basketball.
It's quite exciting.. Each morning you wake up to a bigger tummy than you had yesterday, regardless of what you eat. 

2. I'm still able to run long distances...however, my time is growing short ha it's getting
 harder and harder and harder. I did 6.5 this morning and just about didn't make it.
I get lots of cramps from the bouncing up and down
so when I feel one coming on, I will walk for about 10 steps and then be on my way again.
I inch along like a little worm, but oh well, i still run.

3. I am hungry all the time. But I find that I can't eat as much as I used to at one time.
My portions are much smaller.
I like lots of little meals throughout the day, because if I eat too much at one time,
my stomach feels like it literally is going to pop.
There is no room in there.

4. I get heartburn lately. It's no fun!
Sometimes we will have to go on a walk late at night,
for some reason that helps.

5. My belly button looks funny these days. Aaron laughs at it.
It is still completely in and deep, but it's starting to fold in half or something. I would post a picture but that's just weird. I thought it was supposed to flatten out?

6. I have gained 11 pounds. Baby is over 3 pounds and growing like crazy every day. 15 inches long.
And Aaron has gained 0 pounds through this whole process. ha

7. Push ups are terrible these days.
haha it's funny, you never feel like you are improving.  I do them about 3 times a week with my weight workouts, and it's like strapping 10 pounds to your belly and going up and down. Each time I do the work out, I think I do one less push up than I did before. Because every time I do it, Baby and belly get bigger. It's terrible. They are girl pushups anyways, I don't even think I can do one real one now. Which is embarrassing. I don't want to attempt and risk falling on my belly ha.

8. I crave corn on the cob and mangos and graham crackers.. and occasionally pizza.

9. I go in on Friday for my 30 week appointment. I can't wait to hear my baby.

10. He moves like crazy, sometimes I'm convinced he's trying to break out, he's like, MOM, get me out of here! Also... ha every time aaron kisses me, he starts kicking up a storm. I am convinced he knows his mom and dad are kissing and he purposely does it.

11. Alright Houston, good thing I am leaving to Utah in 6 days, ready for some dry air! I think being pregnant adds 10 degrees and 10% humidity to my body. If I attempted to run in the middle of the day. I might not make it.

We celebrated a pre-fathers day for my sweet husband sunday which was the highlight of the week.
You are lucky little one to have him as your daddy!
I'm so grateful for you both! xoxo
10.5 weeks left! yayyy
p.s. I want this cute tank top. how cute is that!?

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You are the cutest! I love your blog!

  2. you are the cutest little prego momma ever!! i love hearing your updates! :)

  3. aww you are finally showing... a little! you're the ideal pregnant girl though, you should really go see if you can model right now... pregnancy catalogs would love you. I've done one with a fake belly... they'd love you with a real one!

  4. You are looking SO ADORABLE! And I can only imagine how tired you are again! I'm in the second trimester (finally!) and I can totally tell the difference. I LOVE having more energy!
    Are you going to be in southern or northern Utah??

    1. We will be in Northern UT! You are in southern yes??:( ha awww LOVE the second trimester! I miss having lots of energy! Enjoy it while it lasts girl! xoxo

  5. That tank top is adorable! And don't worry, you are ALMOST there! I wanted to tell you to get over to our boy giveaway this week...http://www.thechirpingmoms.com/2012/06/giveaway-for-boys-and-their-dads.html to get some awesome swimsuits for the soon to be baby boy in your life!!!!

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  7. Haha your belly button comment made me laugh...that's the way it happened with me, it will flatten out eventually it will look funky at first...and yes welcome to your third and final trimester, it's exhausting but it's the final stretch! Btw for your heartburn I would try papaya, I had a ton of it when I had heartburn and it really helped :)

  8. oh my gosh, the belly button pic would be funny. :) instagram maybe?
    Loving the pregnancy updates! ps. I love the shirt in the second pic!

  9. oh my goodness you couldnt be any cuter!
    I love your blog its adorable.