I had just done a weight workout in the morning and hadn't put on my wedding ring yet! 
(that is the only time I ever ever take it off)
ha so you get a nice tan line on my 4th finger.
You also can enjoy my plate of carrots and grapes that Aaron made me sitting on the tub.
haha he makes me snacks for my blow drying episodes
because I about die of heat exhaustion now haha so he makes sure I'm always eating.
Here is a little progression-
This is me at 17.5 weeks wearing the same shirt!

anddd 11 weeks later!
THIRD TRIMESTER!!!! yayyy!!!
and here comes the basketball/ beach ball, whatever you want to call it.
haha my husband says it's a "soccer ball" right now. haha what do you say to that??
..... "Thank you sweetheart."
I definitely (and finally) look pregnant.
I was so excited to get asked by a lady at the grocery store how far along I was!
Excuse the details- it is for my own journal to track my pregnancy:)
This little one is the most active little thing in the world.
He's constantly doing flips or something in there and Aaron and I crack up watching my stomach.
He likes to stick his little bum to one side of my tummy
making it so one side pokes out more than the other. haha
I am still carrying really low.
He weighs about 2.9 pounds and is about 15 inches long!
He only has about 4 more inches to grow until he is fully grown for birth!
I can literally feel my tummy stretching each day.
It honestly feels like growing pains (which i haven't felt since like junior high haha) in your stomach.
It gets so crampy and uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time,
because it just feels like my stomach is going to pop, it's trying to stretch.
(don't worry I hear it only gets worse)
Laying on my tummy is getting a little uncomfortable,
you would never think you would miss that, haha but i do!

I get leg cramps about once a day now... It's terrible! they are getting more and more frequent.
I will just let out a scream, and Aaron knows exactly what's happening.
He has to calm me down for my muscle to relax because my muscle will spaz out! it's scary!
(ha my sweet husband is already working on my breathing techniques for birth)
It's no fun!!!
On a more personal note,
I experienced my first Braxton Hicks (which are mini contractions)
it scared me and my husband to death.
My doctor told me it was normal 
to start to feel these, just as long as they aren't consistent.

I was dreading "the drink" for my 28 week appointment glucose test.
I think some handle it better than others.
haha for me and my sensitive stomach, it killed my tummy.
I was so sick all day.
It was no fun!
You have to fast, and then take it 45 minutes before your appointment,
without food or water to wash it down.
With no food in my tummy for 12 hours, and then having to chug this sugary carbonated yucky stuff,
it was questionable if it was going to stay in my stomach until the doctors office.
I already have a hard time drinking soda..
(never been a big fan, except for an occasional sip of rootbeer if Aaron and I are having pizza)
 and this was like the most sugary soda water ever. 
Which combined with an empty stomach didn't sit well.

The baby was going CRAZY in the doctor's office.
Punching/ kicking all over the place when she was putting the jelly stuff on my tummy to check it's heartbeat.
She said it was because of all that sugar I had to drink haha but seriously.
After drawing about 5 tubes of blood, thee nurse told me I was looking a little pale
and went and got me some water.
Needless to say I'm just happy that appointment is over!
I now go every 2 weeks!
(and I promise not all the appointments are bad at all.. ha it just seems like the ones I have mentioned aren't very fun, but I really look forward to my appointments!)

Pregnancy weight gain.
I feel like this is the topic everyone strays from the most! No one likes to talk about it including me.
Probably because it's not fun to think of getting it off post baby,
or growing out of your clothes.
I have to say that when I found out I was pregnant,
I set a healthy goal weight.
I wanted to keep my body healthy but also FIRST and foremost keep my baby healthy.
And if that meant gaining more than the goal weight I had set,
then that was what was going to happen.
Everyone's body reacts differently and the most important thing is your little one.
I have gained about 10-11 pounds,
which I was told by my doctor last Friday that it is a little under weight, however she told me that everyone's body reacts differently and both the baby and I were perfectly healthy.
Some ask why I try and work out each day.
I honestly feel like working out has kept me happy through pregnancy.
Of course, pregnancy has it's ups and downs but I feel that working out has helped me
stay healthy as well as feel happy.
I also want to be strong for labor.
I have researched and researched so many articles regarding the relationship of working out and labor.
Studies show that if you are doing little weight work outs often and keeping your body healthy,
you will have an easier labor.
The last thing that has motivated me to work out my whole pregnancy is the eating.
If I crave ice cream or pizza, I want to be able to go get as much ice cream and pizza as my heart desires. (and trust me, haha I do! ask my husband)
I want to enjoy the cravings without feeling like I am putting on more weight than needed.
Granted you are going to gain weight, your body is changing and certain parts are growing to get ready for birth, but I want to still feel HEALTHY through it all.

I also want to say that working out is HARD. Running is HARD.
Please don't think that it's easy for me!
It is ALL hard pregnant! (and not pregnant haha)
Getting home from work at 5:30 and then having to go outside and run in 95 degrees and 97% humidity is NO FUN!!!!
I have had my share of breakdowns, and days of wanting to sit on the couch and eat every food in the pantry (and actually doing it)
But I have learned it's all in my head.
It honestly makes all the difference to do something little each day.

Aaron and I start birthing classes in about a month.
It's all feeling so real.
We went out with my in laws on Saturday and bought all of his crib bedding.
Oh my goodness it's the cutest thing in the world.
It got me so excited!!!
I will post pictures soon.
We don't have a crib (but I know which one I want haha)
So as soon as we get it, I will become a decorating fanatic.
We love you little one!!!
11 1/2 more weeks until I get to kiss your cute little face!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Awe you are so cute! You look great for your third trimester. I was always coming home mad because I would be getting asked if I was having twins!hahaha Its so great that your journaling all your memories you'll be suprised how fast you will forget the sweet dertails!

  2. This is so exciting! :) your baby bump is adorable. I really admire that you are staying so healthy during this whole thing. I am dreading getting all fat when I get pregnant. It's good to see its possible to stay healthy for yourself and the baby! :) love all the baby updates! Good luck!!

  3. So fun! You sound like you are doing fantastic on the health and well-being! And trust me sometimes you don't want to look Super pregnant lol...My poor tummy will never be the same no matter how much exercise i get cuz I was carrying up high and out front, funny thing is the whole last trimester my belly was shiny! literally! my skin got so stretched out you could see the viens it wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, just say'n you look amazing! and pregnant ;) lol keep it up!

    1. you should take a look at my 27 week picture you will be blown away! I'm huge! lol that sounds aweful to say about myself...hahaha oh well ;)

  4. Your blog is adorable! And so is your cute baby bump! How fun!

  5. oh karina you are still tiny! good for you making it through your runs through pregnancy!! props props props! i can't wait to see your lil baby!!

  6. You wear your wedding ring on your right hand?

    1. No no, it's my left! ha just a mirror image, so it look like it's on the right.

  7. You still seem so slim! I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting rid of the baby weight.
    I know what you mean about feeling pregnant though...everyone keeps telling me I'm small and petite but I feel much more cumbersome now!