ALOHA... Part 4

Golf Day in Kauai!
Tiger Woods has won multiple tournaments at this course,
so his pictures took over all the walls.
My husband was in heaven.
The cute golfers
So pretty.
The course, just like the one in Maui was right on the ocean.
It was stunning!

Look what my inlaws got me.
I crave it just looking at it again.
This was right by our hotel..
We decided to go on a hike.. Which turned into 3 miles of climbing rocks along the beach.
It was so beautiful!
My father in law found a random cave!
so cool!
How cute are they!?
HELLO baby bump!
We hiked in the Waimea Canyon,
and I think it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen.
It was scary to look down. The cliffs just dropped.

So beautiful.
Just a pretty little waterfall.
and a random kid on a rock.
I had never noticed my back being achey until this hike.
I was only like a 4 mile hike but going up the step dirt really did it.
The baby made me exhausted climbing.
Sunset walk on the beach...:)

The beautiful hotel! + baby bump!
ANDDDD karina has a pregnancy moment.
You know the showers that you wash the sand off your feet with?
Well there is a bottom button that turns on the feet shower and a top button that
turns on the full on shower.
Well being me, I push the top one,
It scared me to death and soaked me.
I got all wet and chilled,
hence the sweatshirt in the next picture.
And now..for the grand finale of part 4-
 the shave ice the size of my FACE.
I wish you could have seen my face when she gave it to me.
It was like Christmas morning.
You better believe that more than half of that was mango flavored.
After 30 minutes of eating ice and sugar..... hahahaha look at all the napkins.
I finally had to stop.
The sugar overtook my body, and Aaron and my mother in law finished it up.
I have never seen something so big.
We were like 2 little kids chowing down. my in laws were cracking up.
I told my in laws it was the best $4.75 they ever spent on me.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Why are you hiding in almost every picture, you're so cute you should be showing off that baby!

  2. i just found your blog and these pictures are unreal! just gorgeous!!!