Daddy and Me - 21 Months

This is my dad.
He's the coolest person ever.
I like to copy everything he does.

Mom says we are way too much alike for our own good.
She says I sneeze like him, (what the)
talk like him,
 make the same faces as him,
laugh like him,
fall asleep like he does,
share all the same obsessions he does, (like cars and balls)
and look just like him as a baby.

Sometimes my dad is crazy.
He does crazy things like throw me in the air (higher than I like) and scare me to death.

But no one makes me laugh like daddy does.
Every day I wait by the garage door for him to come home and when he walks in the door I jump on him.
We play with cars and trucks and balls.

Daddy is teaching me how to run fast like he does.
Mom says she hopes I can beat him in a sprint one day.

He says I'm his best bud,
and he's my hero.

Karina Marie Powell