Dominican Republic Part 3

So I have to be honest and tell you, there are 2 down sides to Dominican Republic.
It's about 199 percent humidity and there are 222 million mosquitoes.
No really, I thought Houston was humid but this puts Houston to the dust!
I did not bring a curling iron. The hair waved, and I gave up on the straightener.

Other than that the island is perfect.

Just be prepared with "OFF" mosquito spray and you will survive:)

So my mother-in-law and I took water aerobics from this guy.

 As soon as it started we wondered if this guy was serious.
Look at that face of his!?
Literally just a dance party in the pool.
We may have burned about 30 calories dancing and 100 calories from laughing so hard.

Then Aaron and I went on an adventure.

(Sorry for the kiss picture- the tour guide made us do it.;)

My sweet in-laws took the babe and we doom-buggied around the island.
There were a few times where I just closed my eyes and held on for dear life because it freaked me out to watch where we were going!

We stopped at these pretty pools in the jungle to swim.
I felt like we were on the bachelor.

So fun and so dirty.
My husband has no fear on this thing.

Can we talk about unlimited fruit from room service?

I would order fruit plates all day. 10 PM or 8 AM it didn't matter what time.

Just a little piece of heaven.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. What a fun trip! PS where is your darlingsuit from in this post? I have been struggling to find a suit this year

  2. gorgeous photos and gorgeous fam!

  3. Cute cute cute!!!! I'm jealous. haha

    I'm with Emily. I LOVE your bathing suit. Where did you get it?!

    P.S. Your beautiful hair straight or not. :)'

  4. I just love looking at your pictures!! They're always so pretty!!

  5. Your "humid hair" looks about a million times better than my hair that I spend hours on!

    That jungle adventure looks too fun!

  6. Looks like such a fun trip! Who takes all of these amazing photos of you and the family?!

  7. Loving these pictures - your little family is so sweet! A couple of readers above asked about your swimsuits, and I am going to follow suit and ask the same thing - I've been looking for a cute one piece and just haven't had too much luck yet. Any suggestions? Yours are darling!

  8. Your pictures are awesome! So much color. And all those smiles too. Looks like a trip of a lifetime.

  9. Hi Karina! I just found your blog not too long ago and adore it! You have such a beautiful family! I just have a question.. your pictures are always so beautiful! What type of camera do you use? Thanks!!