Dominican Republic Part 2

A dream came true for my husband this day.
If he could, he would travel the world to golf every course on earth.
We golfed Punta Espada.
It was probably the prettiest thing ever.

We pulled up to the most beautiful driving range I have ever seen.
Ryan was in heaven.
He is obsessed with any type of ball but has a special love for his golf ball and plastic clubs he got for his first birthday.
($6 clubs from Walmart:)
His first "REAL" golf course.

Marrying into a golf lover family-
I like to dream that I'm good at golfing ha
But I'm not, so I take pride in my cart driving.

My mother in law immediately started teaching Ryan how to "tee it up".

We brought his plastic golf clubs from home (seriously recommend that for any other baby golfers!)
and he went to town.

I adore them.

One thing really cool about this course-
It was required that you have a Caddy.
Aaron was pretty excited when the Caddy congratulated him on some shots.

The caddy told us about the American celebrities he has caddied for on this course and who was good and who was terrible. hahaha

Caddy even helped Ryan out:)
He was a sweetheart.

My husband was in heaven.

Ryan and his apples.
 I had to get a picture because he has an obsession. 
Every day he says "mamma Bapple"
He will eat a whole apple (all the way to the core) almost every single day haha.
Between Ryan and I, we might need to grow an apple tree.

Just a 21 million dollar mansion on the course. 

This was my very first experience with an "all inclusive" resort.
We stayed at 'Sanctuary Cap Cana' in Punta Cana.
It kind of felt like a cruise!

There were 4 different restaurants to choose from for dinner.
Italian, seafood, steak house, or a Japanese food restaurant.

Such a beautiful day.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. how cute are your inlaws?!

    this trip looks like an absolute dream!!

  2. So pretty! Your photos are so pretty! You're such a great photographer!

  3. Ryan and his baby clubs are the CUTEST!

  4. Your trip looks amazing! I love your little boys shoes, so cute! We just got back from an all-inclusive resort in Rivera Maya, we loved it. Have a great week!

  5. These pictures are so clear and bright. What a beautiful family you have and congrats to your hubby.

  6. These pics are beautiful!!!! What a sweet fam. :)

  7. Oh my word -- okay so I'm really excited you commented on my blog because I think I found your blog a long time ago and loved it...then couldn't find it again. Yay! You and your family are SERIOUSLY gorgeous...and the DR is one of the most gorgeous places I've ever visited!!! I can't wait to go back one day : )

  8. looks BEAUTIFUL! and you, of course, are stunning. such great pictures of this day! Xo

  9. Wow! That is a gorgeous course! And I must say Ryan is such a cute little golfer (;