For the Home- Pretty decor.

I can honestly count the homes that I have lived in on one hand since I was little
so moving is a really big deal for my family!
My parents have been building a home for about a year 
and we were so excited to see it all come together. 
It turned out so beautiful.

Ryan and I went from the Dominican Republic to Houston, 
and then Houston to Salt Lake City in a matter of 24 hours.
It was pretty crazy.
*Remind me never to fly alone without my husband after that many hours on a plane.

I flew to Utah to help my mom decorate her home and put it all together for 2 weeks.
It was a such a dream!
She has such a knack for decorating (seriously she should do it for a living) and I tried to learn from her  and her designer as I went.

I came away from the whole thing obsessed with 4 items.
Trays, florals, pretty decor books, and candles.

Living Room Tray

Tray on Laundry Room Island

P.S. the candles are fake. So pretty.

Tray on Family Room Ottoman

Master Bedroom Dresser Tray

(Also notice all the floral pieces, they totally brighten up any room)

Here are a few places that I have been recently with my mom and seen pretty trays.

Alice Lane carries GORGEOUS trays (and unfortunately very pricey)
Z Gallery some smaller pretty ones.
Gatehouse Furniture a good variety.
AND Marshall's Home Goods! YES Marshalls.  You have to look, (and keep checking) but they will have them!
(which is where I will be going to find my tray's ha)

Pretty walls.

Yes Ryan is front and center.
Oh how that child is loved.

These are bits and pieces but seriously I was in heaven putting it all together.
My husband doesn't understand the excitement that comes when I see pretty home decor.
Ha boys.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I have been waiting for this!! After seeing their last house, I knew this one was going to be just as beautiful! Love it!

  2. It is gorgeous! Looks like I'm going to be looking for some trays (;

  3. Haha guys/husbands just see it as throwing away money! My husband could live with four blank walls, but that drives me NUTS.

    I always find such great things at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods, so many steals!

  4. i just saw their house last night and just about died over all of the decor! in fact i have pictures on my phone of three of the trays you posted, because i'm planning to mimic them as soon as we get into your new house! seriously, this house is so awesome. you are so lucky! what a fun place to come home too! also..i saw your mom there and she is so TINY and adorable! and your little brother was doing pretty awesome on the hoops (im pretty positive that's who it was because he looked just like you!)

  5. KARINA POWELL... you cannot stop there, we need to tour of every single room, lots of shots of each room.. it's STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOhhh I keep going back to look at it LOL!

  6. Wow, their house looks incredible! All the accents are gorgeous!

    amazing!!! how beautiful!

    so cute of you to come help your mom :)
    and my outfits? i die at all of yours! lets just go shopping together next time you are here :)

  8. That laundry room is a dream!!
    Marshalls and Home Goods are my favorite! Such great deals :)

  9. I agree I would love to see how the rest of the house was decorated! Love that wash room!

  10. Their home is beautiful!! Is it in the parade of homes? I noticed people commenting on your pictures that they saw it and recognized pictures of Ryan?

  11. Can you do a room by room tour of that house!!!