21 Months

He could eat pizza and fruit all day every day every day.
Especially Bananas, apples, and watermelon.
Oh and yogurt. He's obsessed.

If I let him, he would have an ice cream cone every night.
Every time I pull the ice cream out of the freezer he says "mmmm mhmmm" and rubs his belly.
He knows what's up.

At 21 months Ryan knows his alphabet.
Mr. Smarty pants.
He has a hard time saying a few of the letters like H, J, and X.
But he recognizes all of them.
In Ryan's vocabulary the first letter (or first few letters) is/are usually silent ha.
Outside - "IDE"
House - "Ouse"
Hello - "ello"

I LOVE when he says his name.
He can't quite say his "R's" so he calls himself "Yayan"
When we pull up to our house he says "Yayan ouse"

He can dance like no ones business when he gets in "squat mode"
It's his signature move.
Squats to the beat with a little hand waving.

You can't get more "boy" than Ryan.
Outside- all day every day.
Rain or extreme heat, all he wants to do is be outside.
So we live in our swimsuits.

Tannest little 21 month old.
I'm one of those "sunscreen intense" moms, and this kid doesn't burn.
Seriously child.

He LOVES animals.
He still wont say what any animal is called he just does the sound.
Example if he wants his dog he says, "Mamma, Woof Woof, Pzzz" (Pzz= Please)

FAVORITE character- Elmo.
He calls him "melmo"
Every day he wakes up and the first thing he says is "Mamma, Melmo?"
(as if I forgot about turning it on in the morning)
We watch Sesame Street every morning for breakfast.

Just started saying NO and it's brought a whole new element to parenting.
We are pretty strict with him, and "No" doesn't fly in our house,
but it's going to be a long process of learning for this kid.

However, he's a really good "please" and "thank you" sayer.
I won't give him anything without asking "what do you say Ryan?"

His favorite thing to say is "ohhh yaaaa"
Example "Ryan do you want to go swimming?" Ryan- "Ohhh yaaa"

He is the KING of motorized vehicles.
He has a slight obsession (Just like his dad)
Seriously ask him what any of them say.
The Dump Truck, the Digger, the Plane, the Moped, the Cruise Ship, the Speed boat, 
anything motorized he knows what it says.
**(I didn't even know they all had different noises, my husband teaches him, ha definitely not anything coming from me on the motors)

He has a blanket that he can't live without.
The other night Aaron and I tried to trick him in giving him the wrong blanket (in the dark) to see if he would sleep, HA talk about the worst idea ever.
We left the room and the high pitched piercing screaming followed.

Putting that blanket in the wash once a week is like DEATH for Ryan.
He sits by the dryer calling "bankie, bankie" and bawling until it finishes.
It's terrible.

He just started saying "aaamen" at the end of his nightly prayers
and it's the cutest thing ever.

LOVES to learn.
Loves his books.
Such a little sponge these days.
We try and work on a new word every day.
Today it was "KITE".
He has walked around the house this morning saying "ITE, ITE"

Other than the blankie tantrums, and occasional "not getting what he wants" tantrums,
he's the biggest sweetheart in the world.

21 months of a whole new kind of love.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. THAT BOY. Too stinking cute!

    How is your running going as a mommy? Do you still do stroller runs with Ryan? I'd love to see Fit Friday make a comeback :)

  2. Oh he is the cutest! :) My sister used to have the same obsession with a blanket so my mum had to cut it in half so she could wash it haha. Half went in the wash, my sister cuddled the other half and she never knew the difference ;)

  3. Such a handsome little guy! My son says Elmo the same way! It was the first character he ever learned and he sleeps with an little Elmo every night. I have to catch myself because it say 'melmo' too!

  4. Where did you find that dump truck?

  5. I can only hope to have a sweet little boy like him someday. Seriously!!

  6. Best looking family around! He's adorable

  7. He's such a darling little boy! Sounds like this vacation was exactly what you needed :)

  8. I love this - he is such a little stud!

  9. sooo sweet karina! he is so darling! and i want his tan!

  10. How did you teach him his alphabet/what did you use? I'd love to know! He's adorable !

    1. I would love to share some tips! Ah thanks for the suggestion! Coming soon! XOXO