According to my I-phone lately....

Hey boyyyy, where you from!?

....And where are your pants child?

Guacamole Addict.
I eat this stuff by the spoonful.
Favorite recipe I pinned HERE.. The simpler the better, no extra added unhealthy calories. 
**Kosher salt is KEY!

I like these tall animals.
We took Ryan to the Houston Zoo last Saturday and Ryan saw his first "real giraffe"
All of the sudden Herbert (his life size giraffe in his room) is not as cool anymore.

Just some light reading on the plane.
Learn it while you're young buddy.

 "I got my my milk n' my tall teeeee."
He could be a rapper.

Just checkin himself out.
I don't blame you kid.

When is comes to pizza... 2 is better than 1.
I like the way you think child.

Just pushing out the belly he's never had.

... And where is your shirt child?

Church Selfie.

If you have this stance... You are guaranteed to be a better duck feeder.

OHHH Chipotle.
You do guac right.
Worth every cent of that $1.80 extra.

Happy Wednesday all!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You should do a post on how you are so tiny! What do you do for exercise and how often? What do you eat. You look fantastic!


  2. No pants man! Love it! And giraffes are my faaaave! :)

  3. You have one heart throb on your hands - he is such a little cutie! And that guac!? I MUST try it stat!

  4. okay, ryan is the absolute cutest! and the guac in your hands--i need that recipe. my mouth is drooling! also the belly picture!? dying! haha!