Ryan's gang.

Some people have a motorcycle gang,
but Ryan has an Elmo watching gang.

I am in heaven watching his little imagination begin to spark.

He is obsessed with his collection of stuffed animals and he believes they all need to be present when that little red creature comes up on the television screen.
I'm not huge into babies watching TV but Elmo is definitely our exception.
He is obsessed.

He will carry his animals all over to my room one by one to make sure they all get in on the action.
He just started having little conversations with them and it melts my heart.
I can sit there and watch him for hours.

My baby turns 2 in two days!?
You guys! I don't want to believe it!
We are celebrating his birthday on Saturday so that my husband can be with him all day too.
They grow way too fast and I'm soaking in every morning of Ryan and "the gang" on my bed.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. cherish every babysecond, because before too long, you will b called mean, the eyes will roll, and a dir slammed... or is that just mine ;-)

  2. too cute!! love all of these pictures!!

  3. What a cutie!! My guy is like that with his legos. He can put them together and take them apart and build and move them in his dump truck all day long, and I could stare at him all day too! :)

  4. 2 is such a fun age!!! and he is toooo cute!

  5. Oh he is the cutest little guy!! Sometimes I think him and Noah are way too much a like!! They would be such great buds :)

  6. Oh my gosh, can I steal him?! He is definitelyyyyy the cutest toddler I know! Love all of these photos! Just wait twenty years, then you'll have a whole lot of trouble on your hands ;)

  7. okay, SO adorable! i wish i could get my little one to be interested in stuffed animals because this is the cutest ever!