Epcot for a day.

Aaron and I are OBSESSED with learning about other cultures and traveling.
We love trying new foods, meeting new people, gosh, we soak it all up.
We dream of traveling the world...

That being said, Disney is genius and made it so you can go to Epcot and hit about 10 countries in a day:)

One of the coolest parts of it all is that the workers in the "country" you are in, are actually people from that country!

Gelato in "Italy"
You have to try THIS Gelato stand if you ever go to Epcot!
One of the best sundaes I have ever had and tasted just like gelato in Italy.

And THIS Pizzeria had hands down one of the best pizzas we have ever eaten.
((We are passionate about our pizza))

Closest thing to being in Napoli, Italy.
We left other parks just to go back another time for dinner!

Yes we ordered a large. NBD

Throwing a coin into the "mini Trevi fountain" was almost as good as the real thing ;)

Aaron lived in Canada for 2 years serving an LDS church mission,
so he LOVED being able to show me the Canada video they have and pointing out the areas he lived in.
(he is obsessed with Canada and can't wait to take me to see it!)
((I have been to the "American side" of Niagara Falls and that's the closest I've gotten HA))

Saw some belly dancers in Morocco.

 Experienced a little Japan.

Germany was sweet.
 I was a little girl when my family lived in Holland for a couple years.
I have pictures of me as a little 6 year old in Germany and this totally looked like the pictures!

The cutest miniature train village.

 Got a little in touch with my roots and took a Mexican boat ride.
Saw Donald duck hitting a Mexican pinata. That was cool.

You have to also hit the boat ride in Norway- I didn't get a picture but it's darling and one of the highlights!

As far as rides go in Epcot.
My favorites....

TEST TRACK is my Husband's favorite ride in all of Disneyworld.
(and that's saying a lot!)
You can now "create your own vehicle" to race before you get on the ride.
Super sweet!
Heaven for Aaron was an understatement.

Our car ranked #1 in our running and he was pretty dang proud of himself.

And Soarin. One of my all time favorite rides.

**Make sure to fast pass both of those. The lines can be terrible!**

Side note: There is also a brand new Aquarium and Finding Nemo Ride that ends in the aquarium!- 
So cool!
Aaron and I were dying wishing Ryan was with us. He would have been in heaven.
The aquarium has dolphins, sharks, whales and every kind of Finding Nemo fish brought to life! AMAZING!

If you are looking for good food, (like really good food)
and a cultural experience with a few rides, go to Epcot.
It never gets old!
I'm a believer.

P.S. It rained for like 2 hours that day. My hair was pretty wet. and our clothes were soaked.
So if you see a dot or two on the picture, you know why:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Oh my goodness, I live in Canada, which mission did he.serve in???
    I was born and raised inn Yorkshire, England, but moved here when I married my Canadian hubby!!!

  2. Your trip looks amazing! We took our 3yr old and 1yr old to Disney World for the 1st time this summer, but we didn't make it to Epcot. I told my hubs that we need to take our own trip, and your post just confirmed it!

  3. so fun, karina! where did aaron serve in canada? my husband served there too!

  4. Sigh... Disney recaps just melt my heart, haha! I constantly want to go back and seeing all these pictures just doesn't help it ;)