Animal Kingdom.

I have an obsession with Animal Kingdom.
In fact, it's my favorite Disney park.

A couple reasons why...
Home to my favorite Rollercoaster at Disneyworld- 


We got there first thing in the morning (with Early Magic Hours) and rode it 6 times in a row.

Yes, we were totally that gushy newly wed couple that ruined the picture.
Hopefully the ladies in front don't have this hanging in their house. HA

Home to my favorite show at Disney-

(you HAVE to see it- oh my gosh I made Aaron see it with me twice this Disney trip! 
I have seen Lion King on broadway in New York City but I have to say, this 30 minute Disney version owns my heart!)

And you get to go on a Safari.
A really good Safari.

The animals just walk right up to your jeep!
Aaron and I are dying to go to Africa to do a real one!
I wanted to jump out and kiss the giraffe!

It's better than any zoo, ever.


I spy with my little eye...
A giraffe familia.

Why did the Longhorn looking thing cross the road??

HA just kidding. I don't know jokes.
But it did cross the road so we had to wait in the jeep.

Secretly wishing they would hatch when we stopped.

And YOU mr. elephant, are just the cutest thing!

Anyone else think Hippos are so weird?
They just lurk in the water like big rocks.

Um. These are hilarious and the cutest family of meerkats I ever did see.
Cheetahs, zebras, lions, we saw it all!

After Safari time there is a little nature hike.
So beautiful and you see so many animals!

I have a slight ((WEIRD)) fascination with gorillas.
The are so beefy and they look so soft.
Like a big huge teddy bear.
HA my husband thinks I'm insane. He said I would be crushed in a second if I got near one.

I told him I want to be Jane and Tarzan for a day.
(I spy a gorilla)

Monkey, my sweet child would have been in heaven seeing you swing from branch to branch!

After watching animals for a while....
Go ride Everest again.

Best. day. ever.

As far as my favorite rides in Animal Kingdom go...

EVEREST- obviously. I'm a little obsessed. (ask for the back row)

The ONLY ride missing from Disneyland in Disneyworld is Indiana Jones.
One of my all time favorites and sadly Disneyworld doesn't have it....
but they DO have Dinosaur.
Which is kinda like it and way fun.

**Fast pass those two and the Safari, they are musts!*

SHOWS- See "Festival of the Lion King" and "It's Tough to be a Bug" - Favorites!!

Dining- Rainforest Cafe. Just for the atmosphere, plus you are IN Animal Kingdom- it's a must!

Favorite park. Favorite person.

P.S. Ignore the bun on top oh my head 24/7.
It was 98 degrees and 100 percent humidity.
We melted.

Plus we had a hopper pass/ Disney water park pass so we were in and out of swimsuits,
hoppin disney parks like no ones business!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I was just telling my husband about my blog friend who went to Disneyworld for her anniversary without their little one and he thought it was hilarious hahaha! Isn't it just so fun to be a kid as a grown up sometimes??

  2. SO jealous. Caleb and I are dying to go to Disney!!! :)

  3. Love, love love! Animal Kingdom is often underrated I think but WE LOVE IT! :) The Lion King show is seriously one of my fave things ever... on our last visit it was down for refurbishment! Sad day! Just means we need to go back again soon ;)

  4. I love this post!! My husband has been talking about wanting to visit Animal Kingdom next time we're in Orlando but I wasn't sure how great that sounded in comparison to other parks BUT this looks like a neat park!! I love Sea World too :)

  5. So glad I found your blog - such a sweet family and I'm loving catching up on all your posts!
    I live in South Africa so Animal Kingdom is around us every day - we have amazing safaris so close to home - it's amazing! And The Everest ride is pretty darn cool too :)