Nursery Snack time.

You would think my child has never seen a goldfish in his life the way he tackles Nursery snack time at church.

Ryan's motto is "stuff as many goldfish, fruit snacks and whatever else they give you in your mouth before your mouth explodes"

A mother's dream right there.

His church class gets a little rough when he realizes Aaron and I are leaving him in there for 2 hours.
Lets hope you grow out of this by preschool age:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Pretty sure that is my daughters motto too and it scares the crap out of me! I love his little church outfit btw!

  2. I love the way you dress Ryan! Would you consider doing a post on where you shop for him??

  3. Aww, hang in there - my son still had separation anxiety at age 4! They do outgrow it, it gets better :)

  4. Please enjoy it while you can. I never thought my little guy would grow out of it either. Now that he is almost 9 the only snuggles I get are when I cuddle him at night before bedtime. I found out that is my best time to talk with him and get all the kisses and hugs I want ;-)

  5. Ok so totally off the subject, but you should do style posts. I'm usually not a fashion blogger reader, but your style always has me in love. I want your wardrobe and my boys need Ryan's. Haha.

  6. he looks adorable in his church outfit! and i'm sure he will grow out of it, from working in the nursery at church i've seen that most go through the attachment anxiety at some point, and usually by the time the parents are out of sight the kids realize how fun it is and they forget that they were upset :)