Walt Disney World Part 1

Aaron and I just got back from the happiest trip ever.
We were in heaven overload with each other and with the big Walt D!

Just a little backround,
...... I'm slightly Disney obsessed.

I grew up going to Disneyland with my family almost every year.
And an occasional trip to Florida for Disney World since it was a lot further from Utah.
From Utah to California, it was about an hour and a half flight,
or a 12 hour drive if we decided to brave the terrible car sickness my family suffers from HA.

Having 5 younger siblings, it was the vacation that made everyone happy.

Soon after meeting me, Aaron discovered my family's love for Disney and actually went with my family to DisneyWorld the month before we got married 4 years ago.
That trip was the very first trip Aaron had taken with my family, and according to him,
not every one "does Disney World" like my family does.
We get there before the park opens and we leave after the park closes for a week straight (if it's Disney World) and we never stop.

You come home feeling like you got hit by a train, but you know you really "did Disney".

I told Aaron while we were dating, it was my dream to go to Disney with just my husband and run around like 12 year olds, and hit every ride and show on the map.

A few months ago, Aaron made that dream come true and surprised me.
He told me he was taking me to DisneyWorld to celebrate our Anniversary/ and being done with school.

Oh my gosh, I was like a little 5 year old on those Disney commercials jumping up and down screaming, I was so excited!

Best. Husband. Ever.

(the cutest Olaf carmel apple I have ever seen ^^ )

This summer has been super crazy with Aaron's work and his studies so if we did ever have time together there was usually a book involved or I was helping him study so this was the perfect way to celebrate with no distractions. 

This trip was our very first time leaving Ryan together!
(and we were going to Disney World HA poor child, this is definitely the only time we could ever do this before he actually "understands" where we are going- and then we will never leave him at home again for a Disney trip)

We were so nervous about leaving him because we are pretty attached to that little peanut.
But my sweet in-laws took Ryan for the week and Aaron and I didn't have to worry about a thing.

I was on cloud 9 the whole trip.

We flew into Orlando around 5 PM and decided to go to Downtown Disney for the night.

After dinner we found a Ghirardelli Chocolate shop.. OH MY GOSH!
I had raved about this place to Aaron when I went to Chicago with my mom and sister,
so I was ecstatic for Aaron to taste what I was raving about.
Pretty sure he is hooked for life!

We spent a good hour in the biggest Disney Store in the World to pick a few things out for Ryan.
I have never seen so many stuffed Mickey's in my life.

Our baby has a birthday coming up THIS WEEK and what better way to spoil him than with Disney souvenirs?!
Plus we are FINALLY done with school and we can finally splurge a little bit of cash on our child HA.

Heaven. Heaven. Heaven.

Get ready for lots of pictures and the 411 on how to do DisneyWorld! 
There were a few things Aaron and I wished we would have known before going into this trip 
(they have changed their WHOLE system to modern technology in the last 4 years) 
so I will make sure to let you in on the secrets!

Happy Wednesday!! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. ooo how fun, and.a well deserved break!!
    where ar your red wedgesfrom??? love them!

  2. You guys sound like us! Jared and I have done Disney the past 2 years and we are definitely the first ones in and some of the last ones to leave the parks every day! It's the only way to do Disney and squeeze every ounce of magic you can outta' the trip! :)

  3. eeeeek! :) I told my husband I want to go just the two of us as well!! I know it would be such a blast!

  4. SO. AWESOME. haha, and glad you got to leave littly Ryan behind for a bit-you guys needed it! I'm definitely excited to hear what all you did!

  5. Can't wait to see all your pictures and hear more about your trip. We are trying to decide now whether we wanna go here soon or not. Of course we wanna go....it's just with 2 toddlers. lol Glad ya'll had a great time!!

  6. Looks so freaking fun!!!! And I think he needs to be nominated for hubby of the year!

  7. Looks like a great time at Downtown Disney!! We went to Orlando for our Anniversary last Fall. We also ate at Portobello's - loved their pizza :)

  8. I am just loving all your updates from Disney. My husband and I went in 2012 before we had kiddies and it was one of the best holidays EVER! Coming from South Africa is pretty far so it was my first time :)