Cookie Decorating, toddler style.

Once upon a time,
Ryan and his best friend Lee got together to frost Halloween sugar cookies.
( Lee is just 4 months older than Ryan and they are the best of buddies )

Beyond brilliant idea for a toddler. They were in heaven.

My dear friend Michelle made THIS sugar cookie recipe and they are TO DIE FOR!
( If you are in Utah and familiar with Swig - It's a knockoff "swig sugar cookie recipe" )

This was a first time experience for Ryan.
We put on their little smocks ( which by the way, are AMAZING! I seriously need to buy some )
- my friend found them HERE 

.....and got ready for the sugar high of the month.

Ryan wanted to lick all the knives of frosting.

So instead of everyone having the privilege of getting Ryan's germs on their cookies I had to step in and stop him mid act on the 3rd knife.

Awesome, child.

Lee boy. I love this kid.

Frosting champion.

Classic "toddler nibble" of the cookies. 

Even baby Drew ( Lee's little brother ) got in on the action.

((  Besides the point but my dear friend is super mom. 
She is pregnant with her 3rd child due in November and will have 3 children under the age of TWO.
*She is having a girl and I'm kind of freaking out because I can't help but buy girl clothes when we go to the mall. ))

Anyways, The boys were in heaven stealing candy corns every time we turned around
and experiencing cookie frosting at it's finest.

*Tip for toddlers : 
1. Have lots of plastic knives.
2. Have cookies pre-made.
3. We had Halloween sprinkles, candy corn, and chocolate chips as toppings and they worked out wonderfully.
4. Have them wear a smock. :)

Gosh I'm loving this time of year with a toddler!
Everything that is already fun, is fun on steroids.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. so cute! This makes me want to frost cookies : Also how in the world does she have 3 kids under the age of two? That sounds so hard! And almost physically impossible without twins haha. Major kudos!!

  2. so so fun! what a great idea! and seriously--your friend IS super mom. two big thumbs up for her!

  3. so cute! When I saw those smocks I thought, hey we got ours at Ikea and was going to tell you that, but then I clicked on the link. Those things are awesome! I'm going to do this one day for a times!

  4. Goodness Karina, as usual you are way too kind in your compliments.
    Love that our boys get to be such good friends especially since it means more time for us to spend together too. :)

  5. Such fun and such a cute idea!! Sad to not be with my babies for Halloween this year x

  6. So fun! I just did that with my son, and he didn't even decorate, he just ate all the candy out of the bowl. haha

  7. Such a fun idea! So awesome that you know Michelle too! I grew up near her- such a small world! You both are amazing and such great examples.

  8. Dying over how cute your kids are!

  9. Man, I'm with Ryan on licking the frosting knives. Smart kid.

  10. Such cute boys! What a fun (and delicious!!) activity :)