The rest of Utah in pictures

We were able to see some of our best friends from college!
They live in Colorado now but visited Utah the same weekend we were there!

Our husbands met at BYU and became best friends / roomates,
and we gave birth to their "mini - me's" two weeks apart!

Secretly hoping these two babes will follow in their dad's footsteps!

I spy a baby. In a diaper. 
The weather was beyond beautiful we had to get out and do this every day!

My sis and I RAN up a mountain.
And just about died.

Sibling love.


If you ever find yourself in Provo, UTAH make sure to hike the "Y".
It's so so so pretty.

Aaron and his parents were able to stay through the weekend and then had to get back for work, 
but Ryan and I stayed an extra few days.

I met the ADORABLE Kaylynne from Sincerely Kay.
She's an absolute doll and our boys that are 3 weeks apart in age hit it off as buddies!

What this kid won't do for a ball.

My hair was down to my waist and in need of a really good cut -
My hair lady, that has cut my hair since I was twelve, is incredible!

(( Message me for details if you are in Utah and in need of a amazing hair lady! ))

This picture was before the 4 inch cut!
And no, I didn't take an "after selfie" but I'm sure you will notice it's shorter in more recent pictures.
 I only tell you all this because people have asked if I cut my hair ( which is so nice of you to even ask! ) and the answer is yes. HA

My mom makes everything look pretty,

and I think my dad may be a better cook than I am HA

Pizza heaven.

Something pretty.

I was able to be there for my mamma's birthday!

Ryan was a little confused as to why every one wasn't singing to him.
He is still trying to grasp the concept that he only gets ONE birthday a year.
HA my child!

Gosh Utah is so gorgeous!
We are always in heaven being with my family!

P.S. If you are interested... I guest posted today on "As Darling Does" on keeping your relationship with your spouse strong while balancing parenting. :) XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Those Utah sunsets are gorgeous!

  2. Great pictures! I always look forward to your posts pretty lady!! xo


  3. It was so much fun meeting you! I love that we are now friends in real life. Your parents house was beyond beautiful but more importantly the love that was felt in there was amazing. Your just so great! Love ya girl!

  4. Your mom seriously looks like she could be your sister. Such good genes!! ;) glad you guys had a great time!

  5. Looks like a magical weekend - everything is so pretty in Utah, and your parents home is amazing! x

  6. Hello, I was wondering who cuts your hair? My hairdresser is moving to a new state and I have had my hair cut by him since I was 10. It is a little hard for me to trust someone new. If I could I would just follow him but I love my family and husband way to much to go. I loved your post!

  7. Hiking the Y is NO JOKE. I would hike up and run down and always thought I was going to pass out haha

  8. I've never been to Utah but it looks gorgeous!