Party for the potty.

So our child picked out his first potty.
Yes it happened.
My husband had told him for weeks that he could pick it out himself.

We make things a big deal over here.

The entire drive to Walmart we listened to him saying "potty, potty, potty" in the back seat.
You have no idea what is coming for you child.

Keep that enthusiasm.

Literally sat like this and stared at both options for 5 minutes.

It was like he was racking his brain... "HOW WILL I CHOOSE!?"

Mickey or Elmo.
Hard choice buddy. I don't blame you!

Aaron and I knew all along what he would choose.
Although Mickey Mouse is high up in Ryan's ranking, nothing beats his love for Elmo.

Who knows what he sees in that little red creature!

He was patting the box, laying his head on the box, ha he was so happy to have this box.
If only he knew how it actually worked.

By the way - notice the box - I love that they call it "Elmo Adventure Potty Chair"
True that. This is going to be one big adventure.

( Ry was just a little caught off guard for the picture - I promise he was excited )

My husband told Ryan he would take him for ice cream to celebrate the potty purchase.
Red Mango baby!
If this doesn't make you excited to get a potty I don't know what will!

I am going to test the waters.
I have read a few blurbs on potty training and wrote down a lot of ideas.
I'm not in a hurry, and we are not pressed for time so we are in the "get comfortable with the potty stage"

I will be sure to keep updated when we actually start the potty training days!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Yay! That is too cute. My son was born the same month as yours and we just jumped into potty training last week with both feet. And it's working! We even spent four hours last Friday in town shopping, used two different bathrooms, and came home dry. If that's not potty trained, I don't know what is! I am one happy mama. So I hope that gives you some reassurance. He's still not taking himself to the potty, we just go every one to two hours. And he loves that dry feeling. Good luck!!!

  2. Good luck! I tried starting with Rory and she did the same thing, pickd out a potty, underwear, the whole enchilada and within 3 days she was done trying. We're gonna try again later this month when she, hopefully, won't remember being so difficult about it.

  3. oh good luck girl! Potty training at our house took forever and we didn't start until my son was almost 3! But he also could have cared less about being a dirty diaper! Good luck!

  4. Shopping for potty is an important part of potty training. I read it in "concisework potty training" and it helped me tremendously.

  5. This is so cute - I hope it's an easy process like it was for us! Good luck friend x

  6. We are trying to work on the potty training too..not my favorite thing. Good luck girl!