Picking Pumpkins.

This past weekend we road tripped to Austin, TX to see our family friends.

They took us to Sweet Berry Farms for the day and it was perfect.
Ryan and Emma ( their little girl ) were in heaven.

Get ready for picture overload.
I will let most of the pictures talk for themselves.

The babies picked out their own pumpkins.

Erika ( Emma's mom ) is like a sister to me and I love her to death.

Texas is so weird.
One day it's 95 degrees and one day you wake up to 65 degrees.
First day of the season that was actually kind of chilly!
We LOVED it!
It has been so hot lately.

This look suits you Mr. Powell.

The babes couldn't get enough.

I love them.
They are the best of buddies.

Ryan was obsessed with petting the goats.
We fed the goats and he laughed and laughed when they nibbled on his fingers.

We took a tractor hay ride.
Ryan's heaven.
Anything with a motor and this kid will love you for life!

Berry Bounce - Kid trampoline heaven.
Ryan totally cried when we left!

Classic Powell family photo.
I have an obsession with the white pumpkins!
I would have taken 5 home if I could.

Talk about the most perfect "fall day".
Gosh Sweet Berry Farms we LOVED you!

If you are ever in the Austin area make sure to check out Sweet Berry Farms!
It's pumpkins galore and incredible!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Amazing pictures! As always you look absolutely stunning! I love seeing the two littles being best friends- it's so cute :) xo


  2. LOVE these pictures - every single one!!!! :) And those besties, melt my heart!

  3. This makes me want to go to a pumpkin patch so bad!!


  4. Such cute pictures - and the one of the kiddies kidding... My heart!! x

  5. Oh my goodness these pictures melt my heart, adorable!

  6. So cute you guys! I hope you took at least one of those whit pumpkins home with you!mthey are to die for!!

  7. Amazing pictures! You guys are the cutest!

  8. Sooo.cute... Love it
    Ok, where.are you booties from?..can u link them.. Love love them

  9. These pictures are gorgeous!! so much fun in one post :)